How to change screenshot default saved path in Mac OS x: Mavericks, Yosemite

Tips for change screenshot default saved path in Mac OS X, taking a screenshot in Mac is a damn easy.You can capture full screenshot in Mac, and if you want to take specific area screenshot in Mac, then both things are very easy for you. But after taking screenshot you have to require it, where to save it in your Mac. For, full Screenshot press command + shift + 3 Key of your Mac keyboard and For, take specific area screenshot, then press command + shift + 4 of your keypad. now learn beneath how to change screenshot default saved path in Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10).

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Step for How to change screenshot default saved Path in Mac OS X

Step #1: First of all open Spotlight in your Mac at the top and right side menu bar for Search App           Terminal, Type in to search box, you can seen it in below image.       Change Snapshot save defult path in Mac OS X Yosemite    Step #2: Now, Open Terminal and text the following Command which, you can seen also in picture.

Command: – defaults write location ~/Documents/Screenshots  

Easy ways to change default save saved image location on OS X Yosemite


Step #3: Change screenshot default path in Mac OS x, now you need text command to apply path change, your Choice location (Folder). Text command: –  killall SystemUIserver

That’s it. Now you will get screenshot at your set location folder, before capture screenshot make one Screenshot name folder for special put screenshot in your Mac, after that whenever you have to need you will find it easily from that folder. Okay, it’s save successfully now in your new folder, or your already exist folder which you set in path.


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