How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone – iPad, iPod

Get Steps for Reset Network Settings on iPhone, iPad with smart understanding. Apple new iOS 8 has been released with major issue such kind of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issue. If you’ve yet that kind of problems then you’re now right place because reset network settings has become solution of your problem.  You can also get here guide on after Reset Network settings which kind of data your device will erase, learn listed below.

  • Previously connected Wi-Fi Networks and Passwords
  • VPN and APN Settings
  • Recently Used Bluetooth accessories

You can use Reset Network Settings feature to solve very kind of problem of your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch.

  • iOS devices like, iPhone, iPad or iPod doesn’t detect Wi-Fi network, or
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity issue on iOS 8

Probably you’ve no idea about how to do that. So go beneath and follow given Steps on how to Reset Network Settings.

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Steps on Reset Network Settings on iPhone, iPad – iOS 8

Step 1.

Tap On Settings app, form your iPhone Home screen

Step 2.

Tap on General

Step 3.

Tap On Reset, it may appear at the bottom of the General screen   

Step 4.

Tap on, Reset Network SettingsReset Network Settings on iPhone, iPad or iPod how to

That’s it. After tapping, the reset network settings, you’ll see a pop up, they inform you ‘’this will delete all network settings, returning them to factory default’’. As per I explain above. But doesn’t worry if you’ve finally decide Reset Network settings then go for way of Reset Network Settings instead of cancel.

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Have you ever been get this kind of guide about reset network settings on iPhone, iPad then text us in the comment box, and to know us how much useful this tutorial comparing to previous one.