Unable to Check for Update iOS on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

This is an ideal tip for those who have got error Unable to Check for Update iOS on iPhone, iPad or iPod. To get newly iOS features and smooth running iPhone then you’ve need latest update software of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Typically, Apple noticed to their users whenever they released new iOS update or new upgrade. But so far we seem that sometimes

Apple informs their users little bit late relates new software update. Even though if you wish to update your iPhone software manually then let here I’m giving you how to checkout Software update on iPhone, iPad, iPod manually? Note that recently Updated iOS is an iOS 9.3.5. From today (Sep 13, 2016), All iOS 9 running (apart from iPhone 4S) device users are eligible to download powerful iOS 10 Public.

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Steps to Check Software Update manually on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Step 1. Open up Settings app as look like Gear icon on your iPhone, iPad or iPod

Step 2.  Navigate General then

Step 3. Tap on Software Update (under the About option)how to fix Unable to Check for Update iOS on iPhone, iPad and update iOS manually

So at there you can know that the running Apple iDevice Software up to date or not. If your iOS is latest then you’ll be seeing screen as Your Software is up to date.

But several users are often reporting their issue as ‘’Unable to Check for Update iOS on iPhone, iPad’’. If you’re one of them then don’t worry. Please read carefully below outlined steps for how to fix Unable to Check for Update on iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Know how to fix Unable to Check for Update iPhone software

Best remedy of this kind of error first make confirm that the your iOS device can be access enough Wi-Fi signal mean good internet connectivity. if that okay then go for next workaround.

As a second way: Perform restart on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. After that Checkout for iOS Update at going back on Software update tab on iDevice.Know how to fix Unable to Check for Update iPhone software

Even you’ve no such idea to restart iPhone, then you’ll teach that from here how to restart iPhone, iPad, iPod.

If you get same issue then do reset your iPhone and Checkout.

You’re done.

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