12 Features of Android Which We Want in Next iOS Update on iPhone and iPad

We all have invested large amount of dollars to get iPhone and its unique features. iOS have plenty of features which are best in their own way and people love to use it.  But nowadays people are asking for some of the Android features which I have listed below. Apple must look some of the best functions of Android and try to implement on iOS.

After looking at people’s demand and my personal experience, iOS 12 must contain these features.

12 Features of Android which we want in iPhone and iPad

12 Features of Android which we want in iOS 12

Feature 1: Hide Home Screen Apps

When Apple had launched its first ever iPhone and now in the iPhone X, the appearance of apps is not changed. The Apps in the iOS are on the home screen. While in the android the applications are hidden inside, you have to tap on Apps to explore the applications. Apart from this if you want to access your favorite apps quickly, just drag applications on the home screen.

Feature 2: Split Screen

One of the amazing update that recently launched on android is split screen. Which allows you to use two different applications on the same screen. Just think when you are watching videos on YouTube and want to WhatsApp someone, yes it is possible on dual screen.

Feature 3: Picture-in-Picture

It is quite similar to dual screen function. While you are watching video and all of sudden message rings on your device and you want to continue watching video then you can continue with Picture-in-Picture mode.

Feature 4: Settings Shortcuts in Control Center

The control center was much improved part of iOS 11 and people’s are loving that customizable feature of control center where you can add your favorite apps for quick access. But shortcut for settings is not available in control center and it really sucks. Because when you want to switch Wi-Fi network you have to open settings and then connect to the network, but in the android you can simple tap and hold on the Wi-Fi to go directly on the settings window.

Feature 5: Notification Revamping

Managing notifications is quite easy until you don’t get dozens of them in a day. Or if you are receiving much more notifications like news, messages, Facebook suggestion, alert etc. then it is bit annoying in iOS to manage them all. While if we talk about android it gives complete freedom to manage each and every field of your notifications. Like you can give preferences to notifications, hide messages from particular apps, quick reply from the notification panel and much more. So this feature takes fair place in wish list of upcoming iOS 12 features.

Feature 6: Widget Support

Though iPhone have widget support but not like android. In android you can place huge widget showing time, date, weather and even search bar helps you to surf directly without launching any Google app. Our iPhone lacks this feature.

Feature 7: App Refunds

App Store doesn’t give instant refund instead they will ask many question regarding the app and this thing creates inconveniency for users. On the other hand if you have purchased application from the Play Store and you didn’t like much or doesn’t come to your expectations then you can request for refund and they will fulfill your request instantly.

Feature 8: Customizable lock screen app shortcuts

If I tell you from my personal experience this function is available in 90% of the android smart phone today. This feature allows you to put your favorite app on the lock screen so whenever you trigger the lock screen from the app, particular application will be launched directly. And we all know this facility is still unavailable in iPhone. We expect it should arrive soon.

Feature 9: Banner Notification for Phone Calls

When you are using any application and all of sudden if phone call rings to your iPhone, it will cover the entire display of the device. Whereas in android it shows a small notification kind of panel on the top of the screen. So the advantage of this feature is if the call is spam call and you don’t want to receive you can directly deny from the top of the screen and continue with your work.

Feature 10: Custom icon packs

If you are using iPhone from years and looking at the same screen I know how boring it is.

iOS doesn’t allow you to customize the application to give varied appearance on the home screen. Besides in android you can have thousands of applications available which allow you to customize the lookout of the apps.

Feature 11: Clear all the apps from recent

After using multiple apps in your leisure time when it comes to clear apps from the recents it is boring and waste of time. Somehow it is necessary to do this otherwise the iPhone will slow down.

You cannot clear the entire list of recently used apps in single tap. And in the Android simple you have to tap on (X) or on the “Close All Tabs” in a single tap it will clear out the applications. So this feature needs to be present in iOS 12.

Feature 12: Always on Display

Using AOD feature, user can see the time, date and battery status by default. But a main drawback is that consume much energy.

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