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VR camera for 360 video

Best 360 Video Recorder cameras for VR (Virtual Reality) Headsets: iPhone

Best 360 cameras for iPhone you can buy Now, 3D video and 360° panorama combined into VR (Virtual Reality) video. But for a shoot or record VR video, you must require compatible camera from these best 360 video recorder cameras for VR (Virtual Reality). Features and Perfection have been changed from different VR technologies came in different VR camera. So please review below each VR video camera that’s highlighted with the unique features compare to other, so you must go with it first.

Note: Virtual reality video now support on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter and enjoy 360° view on VR Headsets from iPhone or other smart devices. For that, you have to convert video using Mac VR (Virtual Reality) converter app.


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Camera is compatible with most of the all iPhone models: iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, iPhone 5S.

Top Best 360 Video Recorder Cameras for VR (Virtual Reality video): 2018-2019

#1. Rich Theta 360 degree – Virtual Reality Video Recorder

360 Video recorder cameras for VR videoPerfect for professionals and beginners, who want excellent quality video from anywhere (in Car, From Bike, On the way, Party functions and Capture 3D view from the drone as well). Not only 3D video visualization also microphone record 3D audio sound when you experience on VR headset from iPhone and another smart device. Dedicated apps for view recorded video on iOS and Android app. Easy and fast sharing between your device over Wi-Fi. Also directly share the video on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

4 GB storage capacity, Micro SD supported Rechargeable battery, ISO settings and more in deal price. Easy Setting buttons for change mode (Full 360° Spherical Video – Photo, recording over Microphone) and Power button, Pinch and Zoom. iOS app ready camera for play 360 video on iPhone.

Buy From Here ($346.95)

Buy From Here in the UK (£289.00)

#2. 360fly Digital Action Virtual Reality Camera

VR camera for 360 videoRecord all things around your using a 360fly camera, also instantly viewable on your smart device. Don’t wast money in the Expensive digital camera, Keep this powerful 3D camera video recorder. Classic, unique design that will care your camera from dust, Sand, Rain, and liquid. 360-degree action camera inside a protective shell.

16 GB internal storage and Li-Polymer battery

USA: Order Now Here ($452.69)

UK: Order Now Here (£399.00)

#3. IC Realtech 360 Camera: Live Streaming

IC Realtech Virtual Reality recorderActivate surveillance mode and start 360-degree recording for VR video. In full featured you can record, Share 360-degree video in 20 frames per seconds. Built-in Speaker and Microphone for two way audio connection. Quick and Easy process on recording due to Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-core processor.

Unique compact Design style looks awesome

USA: Order Now ($499)

#4. Kodak SP360 VR (Virtual Reality) Camera

Kodak VR cameraFaster than ever for more clarity, Quality, and Speed for a record (360 degrees) VR video recording. 1080p HD video recording that will record video in 10 fps rate. Remote viewer app for stream video directly to your smartphone (iPhone, Android).

Full featured video camera came with all pre-required accessories.

USA: Order Here ($272.99)

#5. VSN 360 Video Camera

3D video recorder cameraVirtual reality video now captures in your frame rate remotely, Up to 6X rate you can record any situation without the miss in 360 angles. 2610mAh battery works up to 2 hours recording continuously. In any direction, watch any moment with the 3D view.

Expandable storage capacity up to 128 GB, Sensor and Dual Stereo sound

In the USA: Buy Now Here ($275.99)

360° Video on YouTube

Above are great 360 Video recorder cameras for VR (Virtual Reality), record as a Professional VR Videomaker, Camera price might be high then you aspect, But you get money value result in video resolution, perfection, without miss a moment.

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