[Fixed] 3D Touch not working on iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus: iOS 9

3D Touch is new experience to all the apple iPhone lovers, so all techies are trying to use 3D touch on all iOS device, that’s have. But it’s not possible, because its hardware features added only in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. But some third-party apps or tweaks make your iOS like 3D touch featured on iPhone 5S/5, iPhone 6/ 6 Plus. Here I tried to help or fix 3D touch not working on iPhone 6S or 6S Plus.

Users experience on 3D touch is awesome after 8+ months review. Let’s enable 3D touch using below troubleshooting guides and enjoy some very essential 3D touch operation that will make your device faster in less finger tap on screen. For Access deep options without launch app from home screen by force touch.

At this point you mark these three points, if your force touch not responding on iPhone 6S/ 6S plus.3D Touch not working on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

1) Hardware screen problem

2) Wrong settings

3) Insufficient pressure on screen.

Steps on 3D Touch not working on iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus: iOS 9 or Later

Fix 1: 3D touch is disabled before

Apple gave option for disable 3D touch, if you aren’t compatible with popup on screen, then you go for it. For Turn on 3D Touch Go to the Settings > General > Accessibility > 3D Touch (Enable Toggle).

Fix 2: Adjust Pressure level or Sensitivity

Generally, Finger tap on screen level should be different for all human being. How you feel about your finger touch? Just set on that basis. So you can set or adjust pressure level on screen in three options (Light, Medium and Firm). According to this setting you can activate 3D touch option on screen, when you force touch on screen.3D Touch settings on iPhone 6S

Fix 3: App not updated,

First check your installed iOS app updated, till now most of the apps are working with 3D touch due to users facility. For check about Go to App Store > Updates tab from bottom (Showing list of all app update available in queue).

Fix 4: Screen replaced, Defected

Your screen broken and damaged, then you should go with apple’s screen replacement or repair guide. Else buy and do yourself with self iPhone 6S screen replacement full kit. Because we noticed, many iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus users got success in 3D touch after replace screen.iPhone 6S screen replacement kits

3D Touch not working on iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus, then any how fix with above solutions. And enjoy the most spectacular technology that’s available, You have only.