3D Touch Supported iOS 10 Apps for iPhone 6S and later

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelHere listed all 3D Touch Supported iOS 10 Apps for iPhone allows you to take quick action on app icon from iPhone home screen called peek and pop concept. Recently, Apple’s June 2016 keynote wrapped up with the announcements of four different platforms likely iOS 10, macOS Sierra, WatchoS 3 and tvOS. Among all operating system, Apple iOS 10 is a mother of all iOS updates, said Apple CEO Tim cook. There are many apps in iOS 10 comes with 3D touch supports, before these apps not works on 3D touch in iOS 9.

Even you have an own iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus or later iOS model then let’s get here information about a list of 3D touch supported iOS apps. These apps allow you quick actions so very easy to open and take up work. For instance, Press on 3D touch camera app you will get directly options menu likely Take Selfie, Record Video, Record Slo-mo, and take photo. Therefore, that makes path very easy and shortcut. Same way all other 3D touch supported iOS 10 apps you can know at below.

You may like to know iOS 10 compatibility devices and also enjoy Apple iOS 10 features.

Note: The iPhone SE is only Apple’s phone it came after the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus released, but doesn’t have 3D touch support feature.

The List of 3D Touch Supported iOS 10 Apps for iPhone

List of 3D Touch Supported iOS 10 Apps

3D touch on spotlight search in iOS 10

While you search app or user on spotlight search, now you can use 3D touch to summon the relevant widgets or quick actions.

New widget inside Phone app 3D touch menu

Phone app 3D Touch Supported iOS 10

On 3D touch-enabled iPhone 6S / iPhone 6S Plus while you press and hold on Phone app icon on home screen. You can create new contact, search for contact, view Most Recent call, and now one more option in menu of iOS 10 Phone app, it’s a Favourites. See favourites contacts in peek and pop menu.

3D touch Settings App

3D touch Settings App with cellular data

In iOS 10, users wish regarding Cellular data shortcut would be completed. Because now 3D touch supported Setting app bring up Bluetooth, WiFi, battery and Cellular data. So now you can directly jump to turn off/turn on cellular data easily.

Weather app

3D touch weather app

3D touch supported Weather app gives quick action options in iOS 9. But in iOS 10, you can get Widgets above the quick action menu.

Maps app iCon 3D touch view

Maps app on iOS 10 3d Touch screen

Directions home, mark my Location, Send My Location, Search Nearby.

iTunes Store and App store

iTunes Store short cut way for Redeem

Search, Redeem, View Downloads, and Purchased.

Mail app

Inbox, VIP, Search, and new message.

Safari Browser

safari browser 3D touch app

Safari App supports 3D touch, it gives option menu such as Show Reading list, Show bookmark, new private tab, and Mew tab. At all Safari browser 3D touch UI is a really killer for iPhone users.

Clock App

Clock app on iPhone 6S 3D touch view

Quick option menu of Clock app while you gently press and hold on it icon. Create Alarm, Start Stopwatch, Start timer.

Notes App


Now create New note, take new photos, draw a new Sketch on notes app directly Peek and pop  menu.

Reminders App 3D touch Screen view

reminder apps on iOS 10

New in Reminders, new in Work, new in Home and other created list.


Press and hold on message app icon on home screen and get a menu on it, you will get new message option to send quickly to your any contacts.

Control Center apps support 3D touch in iOS 10

iOS 10 Control center 3D touch view

In iOS 10, Control Centre located almost apps supports 3D touch. Such as Camera app, Flash light (low intensity, medium intensity, high intensity), Clock, and Calculator.

Apart from Apple’s official apps, there are many in-vogue third-party apps has 3D touch feature Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and many other apps. Do you have any 3D Touch Supported iOS 10 Apps? Please share it in the comment box.

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