14 Best Accessories for 12.9inch iPad Pro 4th Generation 2023 Model

Last Updated on Sep 14, 2023Get here the Best Accessories for 4th Generation iPad Pro 12.9inch and iPad Pro 11-inch 2nd gen of 2020 Model. Once again Apple has launched one of its best inventions in the form of iPad Pro 4th Generation, the tablet that can’t be matched with any other device. From huge 12.9-inch screen size to A12Z Bionic Chip, it won’t make you regret the purchase, by delivering extra-ordinary performance while playing games or running heavy editing software on iPad Pro. Somehow with all these terrific features, Apple compromises with basic accessories like Apple Pencil and unfortunately doesn’t include in the box.

That’s why we have collected the best but cheap accessories for 12.9-inch iPad Pro 4th Gen 2020, you could possibly think to buy, whatever you need. So, hold tight and continue with our best iPad Pro 12.9-inch accessories and place an order, to grab the best deal right now!

Best iPad Pro 12.9-inch and iPad Pro 11-inch 2nd gen Accessories in 2020

#1. 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve2020 iPad Pro 12.9 Sleeve

Our pick for the best sleeve case for iPad Pro 2020 is Incase Design. The protective cases for iPad Pro 4th generation fit perfectly on your iPad Pro along with an additional slot to secure the Apple Pencil so that you won’t forget the Apple Pencil on the go. Besides, you can carry Apple Smart Keyboard or any slim keyboard inside the case with iPad Pro 12.9.

With the stylish cushioned faux-fine lining, your iPad is protected from bumps and minor shocks and lastly, you can pull the zipper to prevent sliding of iPad Pro while carrying from one place to another.

Check Incase Sleeve Case Price on Amazon

Sleeve for iPad Pro 11-inch on Amazon

#2. iPad Pro 12.9 2020 Keyboard CaseiPad Pro 12.9 2020 Keyboard Case

If you are more of a professional guy, and frequently need to work anytime anywhere, then look at this detachable wireless keyboard case for iPad Pro 12.9-inch. A wide range of colors are available to choose from, Black, Gray, Blue, and Pink, all of them are meant to give your iPad Pro decent look and feel. Meanwhile, with the support of Apple Pencil Charging, the folio could be useful to hold the Pencil along with charging it, so you never run out of the battery of Apple Pencil.

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Watch Movies, Type Mails at convenient angles, and get the benefit of auto sleep/wake feature to save battery and energy of yours.

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iPad Pro 11inch keyboard case on amazon

#3. iPad Pro 12.9-inch Keyboard Case with TouchpadiPad Pro 12.9-inch Keyboard Case with Touchpad

You may have checked the simple keyboard case for iPad Pro, as we described above, but by adding less than $10 you can have a touchpad on the keyboard case, isn’t that cool? Otherwise, there is no difference between the iPad Pro 12.9-inch Keyboard Case and Keyboard Case with Touchpad. You’ll get the same protection, a secure Apple Pencil Holder compatible with charging, detachable keyboard, and with all that facilities one more is added, a smooth Touchpad to control the iPad Pro a bit faster.

Ultra-slim and portable keyboard case is available in four different colors, Wine Red, Black, Blue, and Rose Gold.

Check iPad Pro Keyboard Case with Touchpad Price on Amazon

iPad Pro 11-inch kickstand case on Amazon

#4. 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 Glass Screen Protector2020 iPad Pro 12.9 Glass Screen Protector

I bet you won’t get this type of deal at $14, PULEN offers, 2-Pack of Glass Screen Protector and 2-Pac of Camera Lens Protector for extreme protection from the front as well as from backside. To ensure the glass screen protector fits and covers all the edges of the iPad Pro, it is made up of using the advanced laser-cut dimension.

It features bubble-free installation, even not a residue while installing the screen protector on your own, the 9H hardness is tough enough to resist scratches from sharp keys and objects, together with maintaining the original touch and feel of iPad Pro.

Check iPad Pro Glass Screen Protector Price on Amazon

iPad Pro 11-inch glass screen protector

#5. iPad Pro 12.9 2020 Camera Lens ProtectoriPad Pro 12.9 2020 Camera Lens Protector

If you don’t need Glass Screen Protector, but iPad Pro Camera Lens Protector, then here it is. Its precise hole position and cut-outs are the reason why I’ve included this camera lens protector on the list. Even after using it, you won’t have to compromise with the camera quality nor with any distortion while capturing photos and shooting videos, but still, you can keep safe the Camera of expensive iPad Pro.

This will cost around $9, delivering you the pack of 2.

Check iPad Pro 12.9 Camera Lens Protector Price on Amazon

#6. 2020 iPad Pro 12.9 Stand2020 iPad Pro 12.9 Stand

An ultra-portable stand with multi-functionalities is very rare to find, particularly for iPad Pro. From keeping the iPad Pro steady while you watch movies or working on a project or to avoid scratches while using the iPad Pro, this stand has you covered. Not only the iPad, but it can also be used with an iPhone or another smartphone for the same purpose.

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Overall the iPad stand can make peace at your office’s desk or while you work at home, by providing 54-degree to 70-degree adjustable angles. If not in use, simply fold up the stand and put it in your carry bag, so you won’t suffer from back strain and use the iPad Pro anywhere, handsfree.

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#7. SanDisk Ultra-Drive USB-C Flash DriveSanDisk Ultra Drive USB-C Flash Drive

If you have made mistake by purchasing iPad Pro with less storage, or need to remotely share files from iPad to iPhone or MacBook, SanDisk USB-C Drive can be of use. With this portable flash drive, you can expand storage up to 256GB, and use the same drive across all the USB-C devices spontaneously. On the other side, it is offering USB 3.1 connection so, ultimately it can also be used with PC and if you have OTG then it can be used with Android phones that don’t have USB-C port.

It can transfer data with the speed up to 150MB/S (Read Speed). For regular backup, download the SanDisk Memory Zone App on your iPad.

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#8. Apple Pencil 2nd GenerationApple Pencil 2nd Generation

Usually, Apple Pencil must be packed with iPad Pro 12.9-inch, after all, the iPad is targeted for designers, artists, and college students, for the Apple Pencil is very useful. However, if your old Apple Pencil stopped working for no reason or need an extra hand, then Apple Pencil 2nd Generation is here for you.

Maintaining the same responsiveness and accuracy, this Apple Pencil has so much to offer you, anytime convert your iPad to Notebook and start writing poems or design something for your beloved ones, everything is easy with Apple Pencil.

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#9. Apple’s Wireless Earphone AirPods ProApple’s Wireless Earphone AirPods Pro

Last but not the least, a pair of headphones, by Apple itself, what do you say? Apple AirPods Pro is the latest AirPods available with dozens of new features if you compared with Apple AirPods 1st Gen and 2nd Gen. Using AirPods with iDevice takes user’s experience to next level, with updated hardware, the active noise sound cancellation is far better than any other headphones.

To fit perfectly in your ear, Apple is giving three different sizes of silicone tips. Get the power-packed wireless AirPods for your iPad Pro 12.9-inch and iPad Pro 11-inch with an impeccable battery life of 24 hours (Charging Case).

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#10. Bluetooth Mouse for iPad Pro by OMOTONBluetooth Mouse for iPad Pro by OMOTON

A Wireless Bluetooth Mouse for iPad Pro by OMOTON can’t be missed, due to its latest Bluetooth 5.0 Technology, easy pairing, and connectivity for seamless workflow across the iPad and other compatible devices. You can use the mouse for up to 33ft, once paired with the iPad. Apple has added support for peripherals like Mouse and Keyboard from iPadOS 13 or later, so make sure to update the iPad to the iPadOS 13 or later and then only connect the Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard.

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As per your convenience, use the 3 level DPI adjustment built it into the mouse itself, ergonomically designed to fit in hands, and in the sleeve case or bag, everything is at your doorstep at just $13.

Check OMOTON Mouse Price on Amazon

#11. Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Pro by OMOTONBluetooth Keyboard for iPad Pro by OMOTON

If you’re interested in the wireless mouse by OMOTON, then have a look at the Bluetooth keyboard by OMOTON. Both of them are a good pair for your iPad Pro, in terms of pricing, connectivity, and obviously to increase productivity while using the iPad. Any device apart from the iPad can be used with this Bluetooth keyboard, to type efficiently.

For the people who own Apple Keyboard, and MacBook, you won’t face any challenges, because OMOTON has designed this keyboard the same as MacBook’s keyboard.

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#12. Protective Case – ProCase Protective CaseProtective Case – ProCase Protective Case

Would you ever want to cover the precious iPad from all the sides, while effectively using it for streaming movies, TV shows, and playing games? ProCase Protective Case is the best fit for you. Comprising a tri-fold pattern, the iPad can be turned down into landscape mode, and adjusted to any angle convenient to you for handsfree use.

The Apple Pencil Charging Support with the case lets you attach the pencil into the dedicated slot given and charge it, seamlessly, when not in use.

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#13. USB Hub – Satechi Aluminum USB HubUSB Hub – Satechi Aluminum USB Hub

Despite spending thousands of bucks on iPad Pro, we get only one port, to charge the iPad and to use it as a headphone jack, however, a little investment on USB Hub lets you connect more than one devices like USB Drive, PD Charging, Headphone Jack, and 4K HDMI. This type of USB Hub for iPad Pro comes in handy while we are preparing for the presentation on the iPad or completing the assignment.

Satechi is a reliable source to get one of these USB C Hub for iPad, though, it can also be used with other devices like MacBook, Laptop, Surface Laptops, Galaxy Phones, and more.

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#14. Anker Power BankAnker Power Bank

There is always a good side and bad side; the worst part about Anker PowerCore+ Power Bank is, it is expensive, costs around $130, while when it comes to enlightening the best of Anker Power Bank, the list goes on. If you’re willing to spend $130 on this power bank, then it is okay, however, if not, then must read how efficient this power bank is. Though we have some cheap power bank recommendations too, this is outstanding for battery eating machines like Laptops, Camera, iPad, iPhone, etc.

It uses 45W PD Ultra High Power Delivery to juice up the iPad, and other devices with the blazing fast speed, at the same time. If the Power Bank is running out of battery, then use the 60W USB Wall Charger that came in the pack, to charge the Power Bank, in 3.3 hours.

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