How to Access iTunes U Course on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Access iTunes U Course on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch iOS 10

iTunes U Student login is possible by a Mac or Pc computer via iTunes and using iTunes U App on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. While as a teacher to access an iTunes U course manager, you could use Web link. iTunes U access manager only uploads content and courses so its associated students and guys can easily view and purchase that courses anywhere easily online. Many daily users probably know about iTunes U but for beginners, Here I am guiding how to use and Access iTunes U Course on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on running the latest iOS.

An iTunes U is a free App designed by The primary goal of together education courses online, varieties of courses for school students of the district, universities students and other, as well as learning resource and collection apps with ratings.

Download and Access iTunes U Course on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Access iTunes U Course on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch iOS 10

Step 1. First of all, you will have to download Free iTunes U App – Download Now

Step 2. Enter Apple ID and sign-in.

You’re done.

After successful log-in, you can appear at the bottom bar of the App, and there are five tabs like My Courses, Featured, Top Charts, Browse and Search icon. These all tabs functions are described below.

My Courses:

iTunes U Student login on iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10 ipad Air ipad Mini

In My Courses tab – This tab is for personalizing; here a student can access all subscribed/ downloaded online course. Easy to manage by Bookshelf, Titles, Providers, and Categories wise. At all these sections are fully customize and user-friendly. Therefore, easy to organize as we use iBooks. On the top-left side, the upper arrow is displayed all recently viewed Posts, Assignment, and Materials.

Featured has the number of courses by categories wise including Art & Architecture, business, Communication & Media, Engineering, Health & Medicine, History, Language, Law & politics, Literature, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology & social science, Religion & Spirituality, Science, Society, and Teaching & learning. Here at the bottom of the screen, the user can appear a Redeem tab, to purchase online course using Apple iTunes U gift card. And, Apple ID Sing out, and Course Enroll tab also appear to enroll the course.

Top Charts:

Here Good rating courses and Apple suggestion collection is to be available. You get courses by subject, about, Reviews and Related collections. There are videos files for preview and download button. Handy to share course via share button to Airdrop, Mail, Message, to add in notes, to share on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Browse Tab:

There are three sections Higher ED, K-12 for back to school and Other. This is a very simple and essential tab around the entire app. Because Any students can easily find their Universities or school.

school or University course Online on iPhone 7 Plus iOS 10

Search section:

In the search bar, the user effortlessly explores its essential online course by typing the course name in the search text bar.

At all hey guys, you can learn your school or University course Online anywhere you. By Access iTunes U Course on iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPod touch running the latest iOS.

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