How to Access Medical ID from Lock Screen iOS 10 on iPhone

Apple introduced Medical ID in iOS 8, it saves users physical and family details at one place on iPhone. By default, it’s to be blank, So that user has to fill out their information. Medical ID useful for owner and for other while users accidentally injured or by other reason, they have no energy to say about his/her self. At that moment, on lock screen iPhone Medical ID becomes very useful for unknown people. Because by help of Medical ID record, anyone can know details of the injured person such as Name, age, Medical conditions, family members contacts number, Blood type, weight height. Hence, person can be getting proper treatment as soon as possible.

Now, here we will share with you how to Access Medical ID from lock screen iOS 10 on iPhone. This information is not included in your Health Data or shared with other applications. Do you want to Edit Medical ID on iPhone iOS 10?

Way to Access Medical ID from Lock Screen iOS 10 on iPhone

Step 1. Go on, lock screen iOS 10 iPhone to access Medical ID, Click on Home button.

Step 2. Tap on Emergency.

Step 3. Tap on Medical ID.

 access medical ID from lock screen iOS 10 on iPhone

You’re done.

Finally, I hope, you got that way which you are looking for. For those user who don’t appear Medical option on lock screen iPhone. Keep continue for solution.

A way to enable medical ID in iOS 10 on iPhone lock screen. Though I will show you a trick at below, just follow and done your job.

Step 1. Launch Health App on your iPhone home Screen.

Step 2. Tap on Medical ID you appears bottom and right side on screen.

Step 3. Tap on Edit tab and then Turn Show When Locked toggle ON/Green.

Step 4. To save settings, tap on Done – top-right side corner.

Now, lock your iPhone and do try to show medical id on lock screen. Hope this time you would be get success.

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