How to Add External Drive to Locations on Mac Sonoma (Finder Sidebar)

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Mac computers are a great machine for managing files and supports external drive. You can also access it from the Finder in the left column below locations. If your external drive isn’t showing up on your Mac computer, chances are it has not been formatted accurately or is faulty or corrupted. There are instances when wrongly configured Mac setting is a cause of such problems. If you’re stuck with the same issue, here is how to add external drive to location on Mac.

Add External Drive in the Finder Sidebar

Here below are steps to add external drive to locations on Mac.

Steps to add external drive to locations on Mac

Step 1: Click on the Finder Icon from your Mac Dock.  Select Finder from the menu bar.
Step 2: Choose Settings… or Preferences…

Open Finder Settings on Mac

Step 3: Click the Sidebar Tab

Click Sidebar Uncheck External Disks On Mac

Step 4: Under the location menu, check the box next to the External Device you want to show in the Sidebar. 

Check External Disks Show External Disks On Mac

Once you have hindered this setting, you’ll see an external drive to location on Mac.

Besides this, you can also rearrange those external files in the Sidebar. All you need to do for this is drag and drop in a new spot.

To save viewing space in your Sidebar, remember that you can hide the group of items at any time. Hover the mouse to various group titles, such as favorite, locations, or iCloud. Similarly, click the arrow icon or show to see them again. 

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Final thought!

That’s It! This is how you can add an external drive to the location on Mac. If you have any relatable queries, feel free to drop them in the comment box below.

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