How to Add From Address in Outlook Mac: Send with Alternate Email

Last Updated on Dec 28, 2021

Do you need to use Multiple Microsoft outlook accounts or Third-Party Email accounts on the outlook app, then here are the tips to Switch from the address on the Outlook app to send from your desired address if you want to switch or without using an alternate email or web browser.

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Just select the “from address” from the drop-down menu list. and That’s it. Make sure if you added email in the Outlook app that you want to use in From address, if not then add a new account.

Steps to Add from Address in Outlook Mac

  1. Open the Outlook app on Mac. From top Menu, Outlook > Preferences.Outlook Preferences on Mac
  2. Select Accounts Option.
  1. Here’s the option to add a new account, click on the Plus [+] button and Select New Account option.
  2. Enter your Outlook or Third-Party Email that you need to set up in the Outlook app.
  3. Now, Enter outlook email and Password. You will be redirected to your Browser for Authenticating the Login details and Allow to access in the Outlook app. Now, Come Back to the Outlook Mac app, Click on Done to save the details.add-and-save-a-new-email-account-on-outlook-mail-app-on-mac
  4. Now, While we compose a new Email, See the “from” address in the dropdown and select or change From an address before sending it. The option is the same on Old Outlook and New Outlook app on
  5. That’s it.

Can we Edit Sender Address from the outlook Mac App?

No, we can’t edit the synced Email address for the account added in the outlook app, But we can change with New or Add From an address before sending an email with the Option given on Compose or Forward/Reply email design. Just add a new account and Choose from address to use an alternate email.

Repeat the same steps for adding multiple accounts and Changing from the address in the Outlook Mac app.

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