How to add picture in notes app on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9

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Want to add picture in notes app on iPhone or iPad. Read inside content carefully and do it easy.paste media,text and sketch draw format in a note app share

You should know everything about notes app for iOS 9 and Mac OS X EI Capitan, like add picture in notes app on iPhone. In iOS 9, built-in notes app has been revamped and added more features than iOS 8 so you’ve a great way to jot down a quick thought. Henceforth, now in notes app you can insert Photo, video from a new button (without hold down like you did in iOS 8), create an interactive checklist with a single tap and from now to add colorful sketch/ handwriting is very easy. Today, here we are talking about how to insert/ add picture in notes app on iPhone, iPad easily.

Please before following the guide, Check out your iOS device is upgrade for iOS 9-

  • Settings→ General→ About→ Version of iOS (between Available and Carrier)

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Guide to add picture in notes app on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9

Below straightforward instructions will let you to add a picture, video in note, create a checklist as well as have a chance to put down your skill of colorful sketch work with finger in a note.

Step 1. Launch Notes app from iPhone/iPad home screen

Step 2. Create a new Note or select any existing note from label ON My iPhone

Step 3. Now you can see a blank note on your iPhone/ iPadHow to add picture in notes app on iPhone iOS 9

Step 4. Press on circle sign with + icon and then

Step 5. Tap on Camera iconinsert picture in notes app on iOS 9

Step 6. You’ll ask Photo library or Take photo or videoadd picture in notes app on iPad Air, iPad Mini

Step 7. Select a Picture and tap on ChooseGuide to add picture in notes app on iPhone

That’s it.

If you want to add more than one photo in a note then you’ve to follow same steps again. In addition, Apart from the picture, you can also add unlimited checklist button, sketch draw in a note. note sharing option also included in them like Whatsapp, Facebook, Save PDF in iBook,Mail, Message etc.

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