How to Subscribe UK/US Holidays on iPhone, iPad Calendar (iOS 16.5)

Add Other Countries Holidays on Calendar for iPhone and iPad

in this blog post, I’ll guide you on how you can Add UK/ USA holiday subscription to your iPhone/ iPad calendar to get a free notification and update on special days. Are you not staying in another country or want a plan to visit another region or country in the world. For iOS users have a great official option by the app. So we can add any country holiday by subscribing to holiday feed from apple. Most probably people trying to add USA Holiday on the iPhone calendar at first then UK/ Canada and Australia and New Zealand in Professional business alert and management.

Compare to past iOS, Settings for adding USA holiday on the iPhone calendar is quite different from the path to add in any iOS/iPadOS Version. Are you trying on the Old iOS version that’s also explained? With steps are below.

Steps for Add UK/ USA Holiday on iPhone calendar: Other International

Step #1: Find the Add account option for Calendar in iPhone Settings.

iOS 14, iOS 15, or later iPhone Users can Find

  • Launch Settings app > Scroll screen tap Calendar > Accounts.

iOS 13 & Earlier:-

  • Go to the Settings app on iPhone > Passwords & Accounts.
Passwords and Accounts settings on iPhone
Passwords and Accounts settings on iPhone

Step #2: Scroll and Tap on Add Account > Other.

  • Tips For iOS 11: Go to the Settings App → Accounts & Password → See “Add Account” option.
Add Account iPhone for Calendar
Add Account iPhone for Calendar
  • Step #2: See the List of Mails services and Tap on Others at the last option. Next Tap on “Add Subscribed Calendar” > Now Copy Calendar source .ics file from here.
    • Note: If you are unable to copy & paste the file, then Tap on the Share button and select the copy option from the share sheet. Now it’s really copying. 
    • USA:
    • UK:
    • Canada:
    • Australia
    • New Zealand:
Add Subscribed Calendar holiday on iphone settings
Add Subscribed Calendar holiday on iPhone settings
  • Step #3: Paste the URL on the Server field. Tap On Next.
  • Enter holiday ics file and save
    Enter holiday ics file and save
  •  Step #4: Verify the File and Save on your iPhone settings to import all the Holiday Updated to your Calendar.
  • Verify and Save
    Verify and Save
  • Step #5: Open the Calendar app on the iPhone, and Check all the Holidays are imported on your iPhone.
  • See USA Holiday in iPhone calendar app

    iCloud calendar subscription is officially recommended by Apple to use on iOS and Mac devices. Once you do it, the Same changes will be made on Mac devices to make sure about its register with the same Apple ID.

    Delete Subscribed Holiday from Calendar app

    iOS 14 & Later:-

    1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
    2. Next, Scroll to Calendar > Accounts.manage-calendar-accounts-on-iphone-from-settings
    3. Find Subscribed Calendars > Seect Calendar to Delete it from your iPhone. And Go with Delete Account option.remove-or-delete-subscribed-calendar-on-iphone

    iOS 13 & Earlier:-

    1. Open the Settings app on the iPhone.
    2. Next, Scroll to Passwords & Accounts.
    3. Now See subscribed calendar, Tap on it and Delete Account
    Delete Existing Synced calendar from iPhone

    These tricks, Show any next and past year/ Month holidays in your calendar app.

    Older iOS Version on iPhone: Tips for iOS 10

    1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone/ iPad > “Calendar” or “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” in old iOS 8/9.

    3: Then, Tap on Accounts > There we can add or Subscribe to any number of new Calendars.

    USA Holiday on iPhone calendar running on iOS 10

    4: Add Account > Other.

    5: Next, Tap on Add Subscribed Calendar option.

    Add URL for UK/ New Zealand USA Subsribed Holiday to iOS

    6: Past Below link in Server: which you can get in your iPhone/ iPad by mail to your account.

    On behalf of your helping request share on comment how useful add UK/ USA Holiday on the iPhone calendar and other international countries as well.

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