How to Add & Show US Holidays to Mac Calendar, Subscribe Calendar on Mac

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Just like iPhone/iPad, Mac Calendar allows users to add US Holidays to Mac and MacBook. and Get Alert on Public Holiday [US Federal Holidays], or On other subscribed calendars – Sports Match, Time Table, and Public Event. On My Calendar, I Subscribed to the United States, Canada Holiday to Mac Calendar. Lastly, Unsubscribe or Delete Subscribed Calendar from Mac and stop annoying Alert or Remove Virus Calendar on your Mac.

Follow the simple tricks to manage Subscribed Calendar on Mac – Add Word Wide Holiday Calendar or Third-Party Events or Celebration.

Add/Remove US Holidays to Calendar to Mac

  1. Open Calendar on Mac from Spotlight Search or From Launchpad.
  2. Now, Click on File from Top menu > New Calendar Subscription… or use Keyboard Shortcut “Alt + Command + S“.add-a-new-subscription-calendar-on-mac
  3. Copy the below link and Enter the Text field. and click on Subscribe.add-or-subscribe-us-holiday-to-mac-calendar

Copy the link according to your needs like,

  1. Want to Add only US Federal Holidays.
  2. Use this for, name of the country in the title of each event.
  3. Use this for, Hide the country in the title of each event

To activate or Subscribe Other Country Holiday Calendar, Browse from here and Follow the above steps.

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Before save to your Mac Calendar, Give the Correct Name of the Calendar that appears on the left side of the Mac Calendar app.customize-us-holiday-settings-on-mac

  1. Choose, Location like On My Mac or iCloud.
  2. Select Option for Alert, and Attachments.
  3. Auto Refresh New Update through Calendar Subscription on your Mac calendar.
  4. Activate Holiday will appear on the sidebar. Click on the checkbox to see on Mac Calendar.see-added-or-subscribed-us-holiday-on-mac-calendar

See the Event Information, and Alert settings, Default alert setting is 1 day before.see-holiday-event-info-on-mac-calendar

Show Holiday without Add Subscription Calendar on Mac

Apple gives the option to show your Default country holiday, Under the Mac calendar settings we can activate. But for other countries’ holidays, we need to subscribe to your Apple device.

  1. Open Calendar app on Mac > Calendar from top Menu.
  2. Preferences > Under the General Tab.
  3. sees Option for Show Holiday Calendar.enable-or-show-country-holiday-on-mac-calendarjpg
  4. That’s it.

Change Subscribed Calendar Event Alert on Mac

Apple’s Calander event will alert you on the Time that you set from Mac calendar settings. Default Time duration is 1 Day Before.

  • Open Calendar app on Mac > Calendar from top Menu.
  • Preferences > Under the Alerts Tab.
  • sees Option for All Day Events.change-mac-calendar-alert
  • That’s it.

Remove Subscribed Calendar from Mac or Calendars Mac Virus

Sometimes, Mac users are worried about span calendar notifications on Mac. That’s accidentally subscribed and Subscribed Calendars Mac Virus. Follow the below steps for Unsubscribe Calendar from Mac or Remove US holiday from Mac Calendar.

  1. Go to Calendar app Sidebar and See the Activate or Added Calendar,
  2. Right click on Calendar > Unsubscribe.
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We can’t undo Unsubscribed calendar, Make sure or Double check before Delete. or we can uncheck and Make an Inactive Calendar, that hides all the events from the Calendar without unsubscribing.subscribed-calendars-mac-virus

Can I add holidays to calendar in Outlook for Mac?

Are you looking to add holidays to the calendar in this version of Outlook for Microsoft 365, Mac Outlook 2021, Mac Outlook 2019?

Sorry to say, Outlook on Mac doesn’t support for Import holiday files to Outlook calendar for privacy reasons.

Send your Feedback and Suggestion for this feature and product improvement. Open Outlook on mac > From top Menu Help > Send Feedback.

  • To add your Event Manually and set reminders, Move to Calendar Layout, Select date for the month, and Double click on the Data field to create a new event for holiday, Birthday, or meeting reminder.create-event-on-outlook-calendar-mac
  • That’s it.

Type feedback and send it to the support team. Until the time, enjoy Apple’s official Calendar app for managing your Holiday, Birthday, and more with Notification reminder settings explained in this tutorial.

Write us in a comment for more troubleshooting tips on the guide on Mac Calendar Settings and Subscriptions.

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