Add Virtual Home Button on iPhone X: Customize and Don’t use Gesture

🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelThe latest release of the new gadget in the iPhone family is the top gossip in the gadget world which brings new and most recent function and new exciting features. The change in the iPhone X may be effect some of the users, and that is the missing feature of the home button. We can’t make changes or add a physical home button on iPhone X, but we can set the virtual home button on iPhone X screen.

But there is also a solution for the iPhone users to get a virtual home button on your display screen and get their habit back to using it and enjoy the easy shortcuts available using this home button. Create a Home button on Screen and use like iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus home button.

Enable of the virtual Home Button:  The enable of the virtual home button for iPhone X is very easy and can be done in some few steps, and hence you can enjoy the feel of your home button back on your new iPhone X

1 Add Virtual Home button on iPhone X screen

Steps for Add Virtual Home button on iPhone X: Replace Physical Home button to Virtual

Go to the Settings app on iPhone > General > Accessibility > Enable Assistive Touch.

After doing this, you may observe an option of virtual home button signified by the white dot. Other than that the gestures offered in the iPhone X are so trendy and easy to use so you can also use both of them and your work will be reduced.

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Also, there are Four Custom Actions

This custom Actions Work on how many times are you press or tap on assistive touch and Relative action will call.

Four Types of Tap option are available for this: Single Tap, Double Tap, Long Press and 3D Touch.

2 Idle Visibility for Assistive Touch Idle Opacity

I recommend Single Tap: Home Button (For other you can use: Double Tap (Multitasking), Long Press (Siri), 3D Touch (Control Center)), Otherwise Default settings for the single tap on a home button is Open Menu.

Assistive Touch Button is covering and disturbing on iPhone X Screen

Change Assistive Touch Ideal Opacity: Go to the Settings app > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch > Idle Opacity.

1 Assistive Touch Single Tap on Screen

This home button that you gain by the above steps gives you the same function you are gifted in the previous models of iPhone. In this, you will get the feature of many shortcuts having an assessment to the Siri, Device, Control center, Notification, and the home screen. Using the home button, you can also jump to the home screen from any of the open window display rapidly.

Sometimes the addition of the virtual home button on your iPhone device other than the iPhone X is also beneficial because the addition of this may reduce the use of a real home button, so it works better, and the virtual home button will make your task easy and efficient for your iPhone models.

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Add virtual home button on iPhone X, and use too many important shortcuts from the screen directly.

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