After Update iOS iMessage Stopped Working, Here’s Fix

how to fix After update iOS iMessage Stopped Working iOS 9

Apple’s iMessage can be sent between iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Macs over Wi-Fi or Cellular data network. So defiantly, the blue text bubbles iMessage is the best option to send texts, videos, photos, and voice recording. Apple’s software Developer always works to make its iOS more and more powerful, but sometimes with latest improvement iOS edition, Inadvertently might curious bug comes into the pack. So due to buggy firmware might some features lagging until the next revamped update. So today I will show you what you have to do if after update iOS iMessage Stopped working at below.

Both parties (Sender, receiver) must have enabled iMessage service on iDevice for the better experience. But for the new iPhone users, iMessage activation must be required because the Apple iMessage comes by default disabled.

Feasible solutions to resolve iMessage Stopped Working on iPhone, iPad

how to fix After update iOS iMessage Stopped Working iOS 9

Fix 1:

For iMessage, Good Internet connection required either its Wi-Fi or Cellular data. So make sure your device has connected with good Wi-Fi Signal or own cellular data plan.

fix iMessage stopped working on iPhone after update iOS 9

Go to Settings → Tap on Wi-Fi → Turn Wi-Fi ON.

If Wi-Fi is active, however, Sometimes iMessage doesn’t work due to a poor router Wi-Fi signal. therefore, keep your device close range of Wi-Fi.

If currently, you’re trying to send or receive iMessage through Cellular data, then please check your cellular data at,

Settings → Tap on Cellular Turn Cellular OFF and Turn Cellular On again.

In Almost case, Above ways are okay for some users, even though you have seems issue persist then keep continues.

Fix 2:  Try below all workarounds Step by Step

Hope, bottom listed ways would be helpful for you to resolve iMessage stopped working on the iPhone.iMessage Stopped Working iOS 9, iOS 10

  • Restart iPhone
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Set Data and Time correctly.
  • Sing out on iMessage and log back in.
  • Contact Apple Support.

Tell us, which clue has become your issue (iMessage stopped working), solver. Share your reply in the given comment box or share it on Facebook, Twitter.

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