AirPlay 2 Not Working, Disconnecting and Not Upgrading Error, Delayed

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New HomePod Stereo pair feature now uses AirPlay 2 and Multi-Room Audio. Remotely you can control & manage multiple HomePods and AirPlay 2 Enabled Speakers from your iOS device and play a song. You don’t need to create a group of speakers manually.

Control center is a quick view for check multiple play on different HomePods, Adjust Volume and Simple controls. You can also ask Siri to play different songs in the different room or same songs to everywhere.

You cannot see the name and button with tag AirPlay 2. Apple Made the changes in software that’s called Airplay 2. Otherwise, AirPlay 2 is same as Old traditional AirPlay.

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Troubleshooting Steps For AirPlay 2 Not Working – Disconnecting and Not Updating Error

1: Disconnect and Reconnect AirPlay 2 Speaker

iOS users are asking for AirPlay 2 not working and Won’t stream music on Speaker. First, check your iOS device is connected with AirPlay 2 or not! Check and Reconnect if it is connected.

Launch control center by Swipe up on iPhone Home screen or Lock screen.

See the music Card > Tap on AirPlay icon showing on card’s top right corner of the card.

2 AirPlay 2 Settings in control center on iPhone and iPad

Disconnect the AirPlay 2 speaker and Re-Connect.

3 Open AirPlay 2 from lock screen music widget on iPhone and iPad

2. Hard Restart or Reset/Reboot your iPhone

Connectivity issues we can refresh after Hard reset or restart our iOS device. Hard Reboot/Restart your iPhone. Methods to reboot and hard reboot quite different for the different model (iPhone X/iPhone 8/8 Plus/iPhone 7/7 Plus/iPhone 6/6 Plus).

3. Close Apple Music app and Re-launch it

Go to App switcher screen (By Double tap on a home button or for iPhone X Swipe up the finger from bottom edge to top of the screen). Swipe up to close the app or for iPhone X touch and swipe up to close the app. Reset this function Using Force Close Music App.


4. Unable to use Airplay 2 on Spotify, Pandora

Your App Version is too old and not updated with AirPlay 2 supported device. First check-in app store, Open App Store > Search the Name of App > From App screen on App Store (See Update button) if the update is available.

5. Reset All Settings

After Update iOS 12 or iOS 11 to iOS 12, you cannot connect or Mirror iOS to AirPlay Speaker. or AirPlay 2 Won’t turn on → There is no settings or button just like AirDrop, Bluetooth. it will activate while we connect to AirPlay 2 Compatible Device.

Erase all the saved device and WiFi connection completely by reset all the settings. Go to the Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Enter Passcode and Reboot your iOS device. Setup WiFi Network again and pair with AirPlay 2 Speakers.

Now it should be work.

6. Can I Connect AirPlay 2 with AirPort Express?

Not at all, Recently AirPort Express won’t support with AirPlay 2 connection. People are expecting that and waiting for the future update.

7. AirPlay 2 Won’t Change Music to another Speaker

You can manage individual speaker under the AirPlay icon on Apple Music app or from Control center.

Also, Uncheck or Deselect the speaker that you remove from the list of running stream from iOS device.

8. Hardware Error Airplay 2

Check and install a Software update on HomePod using Home App. Open “Home app” > Tap on Add Home Button “Looks like Arrow icon” > Tap on “Software Update” > “Install”.

Here’s the option to enable “install Updates automatically” toggle.

After Turn off or Restart Speaker, you can re-scan your speaker in the iOS device (iPhone or iPad) to Stream music via AirPlay 2.

Not Work on Latest iOS version or After Update facing issues, Downgrade iOS is a good option

Above all are the AirPlay 2 Problems and Solution that comes with your iPhone and iPad while we connect Speaker using AirPlay 2.

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