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Airport Express Unexpected error occurred – Solved

During set up shows Airport Express unexpected error occurred. Literally, Airport family is so useful for Wireless Network (Work as speedy router) even to Store Times Machine Backup of MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and iMac. You can take your Mac backup using Time machine with sold separately hard drive. This is the best 1 TB wireless hard drive on offer price so never miss. From beneath you get a way Airport express unexpected error occurred.

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Steps for resolve issue – Airport Express Unexpected error occurred

During setup of Airport express Issue Unexpected error happen due to iPv6 has been disabled. Since for quickly remove it, Enable iPv6 for your network interface. Useful Steps for OS X Lion or Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

Step 1. Choose Apple Menu from Top side menu bar,

Step 2. Select System Preferences

Step 3. Click on Networkhow do i solve Airport Express Unexpected error occurred

Step 4. If a Lock icon appears in the lower-left corner side, click on it; then Enter Admin name and Password to Unlock the Network Pane.    

Step 5. Click your network Service Either Wi-Fi or Ethernet in the list,

Step 6. Click on Advance then Click on the TCP/IP Tab.

Step 7. Now, Click on the link-local only from the configure iPv6 pop-up menu

Step 8. Click OK and then

Step 9. Click Apply.

That’s it. We hope your Airport Express error will be resolved and you could go ahead easily for further process. The Airport device (Airport Express, Airport Extreme and Airport Time Capsule) should now appear in Airport Utility.

Some of users reported after installing OS X Yosemite they can’t access Airport extreme in finder or even Airport utility. If you’re one of them then try to Shut down the firewall on your Mac/ Windows and set up once again your Airport Extreme or Airport Express then Turn on Firewall, cause it’s work for us. Are you getting issue? Then leave your subject in our comment box. We’ll try to be solved that for you.

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