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Apple Watches are the best smartwatches available in the market. Wearers of the Apple Watch may make calls, listen to music, track their workouts, use apps, and much more. First, we’ll talk about whether Apple Watches for kids is a good idea. Is the Apple Watch the way to go when it comes to choosing a smartwatch for your kids? Even previous variants of the Apple Watch cost a lot of money. We never expect you to go out and get your child an Apple Watch 7 when it launches later this year. Before you choose one for your kid, you need to think about a few factors.

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It’s essential to think about whether it’s age-appropriate and cost-effective. Do your homework and research alternative options that are much more affordable. 

Is an apple watch good for a kid?

First of all, there’s this confusion if at all there is an apple watch for kids. It is a given for parents fond of the apple watch and wants one for their kids. It helps keep track of children and keeps them involved and active with several smartwatch features. 

With the gazillion features, some might still think, “What use is it to my kid?” We can’t deny that it is a fancy watch that comes with a fancy price. But there are quite a few benefits of an apple watch. So, yeah! It is suitable for your kid. 

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  • Health Benefits: One of the essential features of the Apple Watch, for both adults and children, is that it can help you stay healthy. Most youngsters today spend an excessive amount of time seated at their computers. Therefore they can’t possibly be having an active lifestyle. You can modify that by providing a youngster with a health-oriented smart device. As a result, the Apple watch for kids is one of the most excellent solutions for parents to urge their children to be more active.
  • Safety: Many parents purchase a smartwatch for their children to keep track of them when they are not in sight. You can activate the GPS tracker through your Apple Family Sharing account, and you will always know your child’s location anytime. SOS Alert is also available on the Apple Watch. When your child presses and holds any button on the side of the device, the watch will send an alarm to the emergency services in your country with their location. Naturally, this is a responsibility, as it’s all too simple to hit the button accidentally. It is a great function if your child has an emergency.
  • Communication: With the Apple Watch, you’ll be able to communicate with your child even when you’re not with them. Everyone is aware of how difficult it can be for children to maintain track of their phones because they are naturally distracted. A device that is fastened to your wrist, on the other hand, is impossible to misplace and hence safer. There’s no excuse for your youngster to miss another phone call from you now that they have an Apple Watch.
  • LTE Coverage: Although it is still connected to the iPhone, the Apple Watch may function independently through Wi-Fi or LTE. And, while it isn’t ideal at the moment (battery drains quickly), Apple is constantly improving LTE coverage. It suggests that an LTE Apple Watch for Kids may be able to last them all day shortly (so that you never risk losing contact).
  • Parental Control: Obviously, you’ll have the same level of control over the stuff your child has access to as you would on the phone. The Apple Watch’s parental controls mirror those on their iPhones, allowing you to protect your children from unwanted contact and inappropriate content.
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What is the appropriate age for a kid to get an apple watch?

There is no particular age or age group that is perfect for your child to get an apple watch. What matters is that they are responsible enough to use a watch that is, first of all, expensive, and secondly, has features that are not to be played with. Your child might be 11 or 12 and be responsible enough to use it sincerely or be a teenager with zero sense of responsibility. It needs to be handled with care so that they don’t lose it or gets stolen. 

Can a kid have an apple watch without an iPhone? 

If you don’t possess an iPhone, you can set up and manage Apple Watch for someone who doesn’t have one. To do so, you must be the Family Sharing group’s family organizer or parent/guardian.

To adjust settings and update the firmware, the iPhone you used to pair and set up the Apple Watch must be within normal Bluetooth range (approximately 33 feet or 10 meters). In addition, Apple Watch must be set up for someone who is a member of your Family Sharing group and has a cellular-capable Apple Watch SE or Apple Watch Series 4 or later. Your family member’s watch doesn’t have to be connected to the same cellular network as the iPhone you’re using to manage it.


If you wish to purchase an Apple Watch for your child, we recommend waiting for the kid’s version, which will release soon.

In the meantime, if an Apple Watch is out of your price range for a child under the age of 12, we recommend you look for other smartwatches that have GPS and are excellent trackers. Various affordable smartwatches will do the job for you (of course, not as much as the apple watch). 

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If you’re shopping for a teenager or older child, the Apple Watch may be a good choice, but you should talk to them about it beforehand. Discuss the responsibility that such a purchase entails, as well as how they feel about being tracked.

Analyze these suggestions to help you find better alternatives. 

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