All About Google Photos App for iPhone, iPad: Backup Photos

Today here we will talk about on powerful search engine Google’s product called Google photos. Yes, Special App for iOS users to use and access your photos and videos on the planet. The superior user interface, faster backup-synchronization, Assistant card and easy to make album theses all are the flagship features of Google Photos app for iPhone/iPad and iPod. So let know at below what’s the benefit of Free Google Photos App for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Everything knows About Google Photos App for iPhone, iPad

Google Photos App for iPhone

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Even you have an iPhone then install Google Photos app to backup photos and videos, and that keep you never run out of space. Hope, you already have created Gmail account to login Google Photos on your iOS device. So Backup your photos and access them anywhere by powerful Spotlight on top.

Assistant card: the Assistant tab it’s a right place on an app that suggests to the user to create new Album, Collage photos, Animation (GIF) picture, and Movie.

Album: you can make your favorite photos Album in a second on Google Photo app. Just wait until upload a file then give an album name. So easy to search and share perfect images. So at there, you can make a link for share with other third-party apps like Facebook, mail, Twitter, Skype, Message FB Messenger, Whatsapp, etc. you also share with other Apple Device via AirDrop. Also, you can also add location and Edit Album.

Collage Photo: The Google Photos app also works as a Collage picture maker app. it has more advanced options to edit, add the color option to craft light or dark photo, and Vignette to give the effect from all corners of the picture. Furthermore, there default print option, so if you want a color print, then AirPrint Printers through you can do that.

Animation and Movie: The App creates an animated image, but a problem is when we share animated vision made through Google photos, in another app that shows up a separate picture in camera roll of iPhone as well on other App like Whatsapp that seems like a play Video.

Movie: Google Photos allows making movies as its last function. The app creates a movie by merge numbers of photos and videos. Just upload your iPhone photos on Google Photos app.

Assistant card on google photos app for iOS iPhone, iPad, ipad Air

The App also shows Google Drive photos and videos in your photo library. So this was the story of all about Google photos app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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