All types Wi-Fi Setup on iPhone and iPad: iOS 8 and iOS 7

Types or Wi-Fi Setup and configuration
Wi-Fi Setup on iPhone and iPad

Wi-Fi configuration in iPhone, iPad on iOS 8 or iOS 7, it’s not easy for new techno guys. Public Wi-Fi network setup is easy for all but private and hidden network configuration on iPhone and iPad in not easy. So here in this article I giving Wi-Fi setup guide on public, Password protected (Secure) and hidden Wi-Fi network. So let’s start to learn Wi-Fi setup on iPhone and iPad, for both iOS 8 and iOS 7 Setup configuration step in same as well. But sequence must be following on both iOS version.

Types or Wi-Fi Setup on iPhone and iPad and configuration
Wi-Fi Setup on iPhone and iPad

Types of Configuration/ Wi-Fi setup on iPhone and iPad: iOS 8, iOS 7/6

  • Hidden Wi-Fi network
  • Password protected – Secure Wi-Fi Network setup
  • On public Wi-Fi network

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Steps for Wi-Fi configuration on Public Wi-Fi network

Step 1

Launch Setting App > Tap on Wi-Fi

Under the setting and Wi-Fi app
All Wi-Fi name under the setting

Step 2

If Wi-Fi is turnoff, then turn on it. Your iPhone and iPad device automatically search the entire Wi-Fi networks that’s in range.

Step 3

Tap name of Wi-Fi network, you want to connect with that public network (Not mark with lock icon in from of list of name).

Now your device will automatically connect that network and added in connected Wi-Fi network part (Wi-Fi toggle).

iPhone connected with Wi-Fi network
Connected Wi-Fi network

Step 4

You can see Wi-Fi icon mark at top status bar of iPhone and iPad screen.

Wi-Fi configuration with secure – Password protected network

Step 1

Move on the same screen list Wi-Fi network display.

Go to the Setting > Wi-Fi

Step 2

Tap on name of Wi-Fi network, Password protected Wi-Fi marked with lock icon.

Lock icon indicate this Wi-Fi is secure
Secure Wi-Fi mark with lock

Step 3

Now your next screen should be enter network password (That’s can only for password protected Wi-Fi network)

Are you getting password is length or not connecting error then contact your network administrator.

After successfully connect you can see Wi-Fi network symbol at top status bar.

Enter Wi-Fi password in your iPhone
Enter Wi-Fi password

Steps on Wi-Fi Setup on iPhone and iPad: connect hidden network

Step 1

Go to the Setting > Wi-Fi, in the case of hidden network setup you will not find name of hidden network under Wi-Fi option screen.

So, Tap on Other.

Step 2

Enter the full Wi-Fi Network name (Network name is case sensitive so contact Wi-Fi admin and type exact name).

here you have to give name of Wi-Fi manually.
Add name of network

Step 3

Now, Choose Security level of Wi-Fi set predefined by admin, After selecting it tap on back from top right corner button.

add Hidden Wi-Fi network's security level manually
Choose security lavel

Step 4

Now, you have to enter password.

enter hidden Wi-Fi password here
Enter pasword

Step 5

Then tap on join option.

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After connect device with Wi-Fi, you can see check mark in front of network name. Are you getting Wi-Fi connection error thought ways of Wi-Fi configuration/ Wi-Fi Setup on iPhone and iPad? Then comment solution in below.

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