aLLreLi Rockman S – L, Ultra Portable waterproof Speaker Reviews

aLLreLi Bluetooth Speaker for iOS device with Waterproof play

aLLreLi has a wide range of best and rocking Bluetooth speakers which are very superb in sound quality and dashing according in looks. There are so many other speakers are available but there is no comparison of other speakers with aLLreLi Bluetooth speakers. aLLreLi speakers are waterproof therefore you can enjoy in any weather without any fear. Attractive colors options (Army Green, Blue and Orange) is in all Bluetooth speaker model you can select as per your choice.

This aLLreLi Bluetooth speaker is very different from other according to its size and shape and also from the features that you must going to like. On the head of this there are some important keys are given so that you can easily operate speaker.

Excellent Sound Quality: Awesome quality of sound in released by this Bluetooth speaker. The premium quality of X bass is inserted with the 5 Watts of two great speakers. In outdoors also you cannot be affected by any means that affect the quality of sound that is given by this Bluetooth speaker. This speakers runs on the latest version of Bluetooth 4.0 and the range of this speakers are also very good and it is 33 feet and by this your mobile also gets protected against any damaged.

This Bluetooth speaker gives the stereo quality of best sound (Bass effect with Beautiful clear voice) that each and every musician, Music lovers must like it. The speaker runs on the latest version of Bluetooth that is 4.0.

aLLreLi Bluetooth Speaker for iOS device with Waterproof play

aLLreLi Rockman – S – Compact Design

1 aLLreLi Rockman S Bluetooth Speaker iPhone reviews on howtoisolve

Long life battery capacity: The must need of any device which runs on the rechargeable battery is the capacity of battery of that device. The battery capacity of this Bluetooth speaker is 1500mAh lithium-ion battery. Optimized technology serve power from battery to this speaker up to 8 to 10 hours and also high recharging speed of this battery is easy to purify and it can be fully recharged within the 4 to 5 hours with the help of USB cable.

Buy aLLreLi Rockeman – S ($24.99)

aLLreLi Rockman – L – More Sound comfort ability

2 aLLreLi Rockman L Bluetooth Speaker reviews on howtoisolve

Upgraded in Battery, Sound amplification and Control. Rockman L has 2600mAh battery capacity which is the essential requirement for each and every device. After full one charge your battery, you can play with this speaker up to 13 hours at normal volume.

Buy aLLreLi Rockman L ($29.99)

aLLreLi Ultra-Portable Speaker

Use Speaker as a power bank with extra slot at back side, and more aux and physical port.

Compatibility of aLLreLi speakers: As this speaker operates with the latest versions of Bluetooth 4.0 and about its compatibility it is easily compatible with all the latest devices like iPhone, smart phones and tablets at a limit of 10 meters and also you can connect with 3.5mm jack directly.

Once your device gets paired with this Bluetooth speaker than you don’t have to look on your mobile it will be easy to change song or adjust volume as because the keys are given at the top of the speaker. All the latest and smart devices you can easily paired with this Bluetooth speaker.

Hands-Free Calling: This function is must need for any person because of this reason it is included in this speakers so that we can easily take call without any problem.

Overall review about this Bluetooth speaker: aLLreLi has a very best quality of bluetooth speaker so that if you are interested in purchasing this Bluetooth speaker than you must prefer this speaker for your money. This speaker is dustproof, splash proof, shockproof all this features made this speaker better than other Bluetooth speakers. This Bluetooth speaker are specially design for the pool parties or trips where there is more enjoyment and risk of wetting the speaker but this speaker is water proof and due to this you don’t have to worry about any water related damages. It is the best speaker in the range of Bluetooth speakers called aLLreLi Rockman-S Bluetooth 4.0 speaker.

aLLreLi Ultra-Portable Speaker reviews and Buying Guide

About this Bluetooth speaker you can say that it is the best speaker in this range. The dimension of this speaker is 116mm x 57mm x 57mm (width x height x depth). Within the seconds your device will be easily gets connected with this Bluetooth speakers.

Buy aLLreLi Portable Speaker($24.99)

The main advantage of buying this speaker is that if your device’s battery gets low than you can use the battery of this speaker by just connecting through USB port.

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