Apple ID is Disabled on iPhone XR, iPhone XS/ iPhone XS Max

Last Updated on Apr 24, 2019

Is your Apple ID disabled on iPhone XR? Why my Apple ID is disabled on iPhone XR? How to fix Apple ID is disabled on iPhone XR? I bet these are the questions popping up on your head right now. Carefully read this post and get to know why this is happening to you. If your Apple ID is disabled then you might receive any of these messages.

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  • “This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons”
  • “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons”
  • “You can’t sign in because your account was disabled for security reasons”
  • Your Account has been disabled in the App Store and iTunes

Following are the reasons why your Apple ID is disabled or locked on iPhone.

  1. If you have entered the wrong password many times. By You or By Others
  2. You haven’t used that particular Apple ID for years. iOS device is outdated and not used since the last couple of years
  3. If you have changed the password and Apple ID frequently.

Note and Precautions:  Don’t use Third-Party Software to Recover apple ID Password.

Reasons apart, we will show you two most effective method to reset Apple ID and here they are,

Troubleshooting for Apple ID is disabled on iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max

Your Apple ID is disabled on iPhone

Your Apple ID is disabled on iPhone

Fix 1: Reset Apple ID Password using Apple’s Website on Mac or PC

The simplest method to fix Apple ID is disabled on iPhone XR is to reset the Apple ID password. You can reset Apple ID password using the official Apple’s webpage. On your desktop, open the website and then enter the required credentials to proceed. Any wrong information can arise many other problems with your Apple ID, so think twice and enter the details.

if you failed in Below steps in this given solution, you can follow the next solution for manually verify your Apple ID and Device with purchase proof, Set an appointment and more step by step.

Step #1: Visit

Step #2: Enter the required details such as Name, Email Address, etc.

Step #3: Click “Continue”.

Step #4: You will be asked how you want to “Reset the password?”

Step #5: Select any one from, Get an email or Answer Security Questions.

Step #6: If you select Get an email, then log in on your email.

Step #7: Open the email and click “Reset Now”.

Step #8: Now, type the new Password and then hit on “Reset Password”.

Note: Don’t use the old password, go for some unique combination.

Fix 2: Contact Apple Support

Still, if Apple ID is disabled on iPhone XR, then you need to contact Apple Support. Making contact with their executives is very easy if you follow the procedure correctly. Unlock Your Apple ID on your iPhone with Alternate Owner Verification techniques like

  • Purchased Original copy Bill or E-Bill Downloaded from Online store,
  • Your Photo ID Proof.
  • If you purchased from Third-Party after that contact to the first owner and Get Purchased Bill.

Step #1: Go to the

Apple ID support for Disabled

Apple ID support for Disabled

Step #2: Click “Apple ID”.

Disabled Apple ID troubleshooting

Disabled Apple ID troubleshooting

Step #3: Then select “Disabled Apple ID”.

Reasons for Apple ID disabled

Reasons for Apple ID disabled

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Now Select Valid Reasons from “Apple ID had disabled for security reasons alert“, “Lost or Forgotten Apple ID Password“, “Handling suspicious emails or phishing, Account disabled in the app store and iTunes Store alert, The topic is not listed“.

Fix apple ID is disabled

Fix apple ID is disabled

Now, you can chat with an employee or talk on call or email them. You can do anything as per your convenience. Above all the solutions are verified and right for you. Using this you can unlock your Disabled Apple ID on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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