iOS 17.1.2 updated iPhone 11 Pro Won’t Turn On and Charge That Not Responding on Black Screen in 2023

🗓️ November 23, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelYou are not alone each day thousands of iPhone users are facing the issues of iPhone 11 Pro won’t turn on and Doesn’t responding after a charge longer time and overnight it. Here’s the basic guide that we have to consider that helps to fix it. Many possibilities are ahead to check where is the problem which causes a turn on your iPhone 11 Pro. The problem is divided into two main reasons first is the software issue and another is hardware issues. Software problems cover internal iOS bugs, Installed app, Outdated iOS. a hardware problem is Battery drains too fast, Battery is dead, Heavy Bump on iPhone body, Water or Chemical damage, Charging port Damaged, or Power is not supplying.

Now the second part is about cost, Can I repair it free? or What is the ideal charge if I want to repair it from another iPhone repair service nearby me. So we can save a few dollars. Too many questions in your mind, so you can submit us on our recommendation page. Submit a few basic details about your iPhone condition and your situation.

Fix iPhone 11 Pro Won’t Turn On Or Charge

Why My iPhone 11 Pro Won’t Turn On?

  • Hardware Damage
  • Not Enough Charged and Charging Port is Damaged
  • Faulty Software

Solution 1: iPhone 11 Pro is on Charge but Not charge with my Charger

We can check out Battery Health from iPhone settings. Apple Gives the option under the Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Know the maximum Capacity [100% is maximum battery capacity]. Lower Capacity may result in fewer hours of usage between charges. Some apple Free Battery Replacement offers are always live, So ask for apple support how apple can help for you. This generally happens with your old iPhone models, But test your iPhone 11 pro faulty Battery from here.

Battery Health on iPhone 11 Pro

Battery Health on iPhone 11 Pro

Another important thing is Use Apple’s Original Apple lightning cable and Charging adapter because the new iPhone 11 Pro had an 18 Watt power adapter that charges at more speed to the iPhone 11 Pro. Also, check that your iPhone is doing charge without disconnecting or stopped because of the loose connection between the power socket and charging adapter.

Correct Way to Charge iPhone 11 Pro

Correct Way to Charge iPhone 11 Pro

See the above image to know how can you identify your iPhone 11 Pro is charging. or Charging cable is connected but not in a proper way. Once you set up your iPhone 11 Pro in the all right way, Keep your iPhone at least 25 to 30 Minutes. We can Press and hold on the side/Power button to turn on iPhone 11 Pro When Charging If iPhone 11 Pro does not turn on automatically.

Solution 2: Turn on iPhone 11 Pro Using Hard Reboot

Periodically internal software causing the issues on iPhone 11 Pro that not turning on normally [After Charge iPhone, iPhone automatically wake up screen]. But that is not doing, So you have to use Hard Reboot techniques. Here are the steps that learn how to reboot your iPhone 11 Pro that Doesn’t respond with a side/Power button only.

  • First Quickly Press and Release the Volume Up button.
  • After that Quickly Press and Release the volume down button.
  • Finally, press and Hold on Side/Power button only until your reboot and iPhone show the startup apple logo only on a black screen.

Sometimes iPhone 11 Pro stuck on startup Apple logo or Above hard Reboot won’t help with iPhone 11 Pro Black screen. Now the next procedure that is useful if your iPhone reboot itself because of corrupt iOS.

Solution 3: Install iOS in Recovery Mode! That Fix the Software bug

Re-Install iOS in recovery mode is not too hard, it’s very easy, follow the below steps and fix the problem without wasting your time. This is not hacks or Jailbreaking techniques but official apple support is also recommended to handle these types of serious problems.

First, read the key points that we had to keep in mind before the restoration process has been started.

  1. Mac OS Catalina on Later Mac User can use Finder to Restore iPhone in recovery mode.
  2. macOS Mojave or Earlier Mac users can use iTunes to Restore iPhone 11 Pro.
  3. Windows PC users can use the updated version of iTunes.
  4. Also Backup your iPhone Data Before the Restore process starts Because Restore will erase all user data from your iPhone 11 Pro. if you haven’t the latest Backup, you should go with the Update option in recovery mode.

Procedure to Restore iPhone 11 Pro in Recovery Mode

  1. Launch Finder on Mac OS Catalina or later, Or iTunes on macOS Mojave or Earlier and Windows PC.
  2. Connect your iPhone 11 Pro to Mac/PC using a Lightning cable and unlock your iOS device to Pair or Connect with Mac/PC.
  3. Now Use Side button keys to put the iPhone in recovery mode,
    1. First Quickly press and release the volume up button.
    2. Then Quickly Press and release the volume down button.
    3. After that only press and hold the Side/Power button until your iPhone displays Lightning cable with iTunes logo/Desktop icon on iPhone 11 Pro screen. At the same time, your Finder on Mac shows a popup that says your iPhone is in recovery mode with two options Update and Restore. iTunes users also get the same popup. If Recovery mode restore didn’t help for your case, then Apple recommends using DFU Restore iPhone, Find out the Clear guide on how to put iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max in DFU mode and Restore.

as we discussed earlier, the Update option will update or reinstall iOS on iPhone only, without delete user data from your iPhone 11 Pro. and Restore Option in recovery mode Erase data first and install new Updated iOS as a clean install. I recommended going with the Restore option if you don’t care about data stored on iPhone 11 Pro.

Follow the on-screen instructions to restore the Phone in recovery mode, in between the process your Phone will reboot several times. Don’t interrupt the process and After Restore is complete. Finally, we can Restore Latest Backup using Finder/iTunes. The second option is set up as a new iPhone. That’s it. Also, watch the below video to Know and visualize all the processes.

Solution 4: How to reach the Apple iPhone Support Center?

Now the software is not the problem, but you should have to look out for other possibilities and solutions for that. iPhone 11 Pro won’t turn on After the Battery Died, which means you need to install the original battery from the apple store, If the iPhone is under the warranty plan then you will get replaced free of cost. Otherwise, you must pay for the total cost of the Battery and Service charge. Apple iPhone 11 Pro is not water-resistant, So your iPhone is affected by Water damage, remember where you had done wrong. Water Damage iPhone 11 not turning on we can fix from other third-party repairers that you can find on google. Now, Know your iPhone is under warranty from Apple Website.

Also, Get in touch with the Apple customer help center call or Chat.

If iPhone 11 Pro’s hardware is broken, the Apple technician can help you with it. Though you can also reach to the nearest local store, to get it repaired, I’d recommend you go for the Apple Authorized Service Center, to be safe. Alternatively, make a genius bar appointment at the Apple Store.

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