Apple pay alternative LoopPay now available: how to use, Setup

Pay using contactless payment, if you don’t have iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus or later and you feel embarrassed from use apple pay on retail store, Apple pay alternative LoopPay available for you on 10 million+ store from your iPhone 5, iPhone 5S and old model running on iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 or upcoming iOS 12, Google, Nexus, Samsung, Note, Moto, HTC, One running on Android.

Note: For Apple pay has many limitations on devices and retail store not grant for pay with Apple Pay.

Now from the rumors, Samsung also jumps in contactless payment through the LoopPay option. Hope that LoopPay will deal with Samsung and will give equal competition to apple pay.

Here is the simple guide on how Apple pay alternative LoopPay work on your smart device and how to use for purchase on the retail store.

How to use and setup LoopPay on Store purchase: Apple pay alternative LoopPay

We know that Apple Pay is totally free, for that you don’t need to pay extra or activate any subscription from your apple pay compatible device. But for other devices, you have the option to use LoopPay as of your requirement and device type.

Step 1: Buy the LoopPay device as of your usage and smartphone type.

Step 2: Must essential LoopPay devices are LoopPay card, Loop Fob, LoopPay Charge Case, Micro USB Charging Cable.

Get details description and check out your device compatibility from here

Fill free, because LoopPay device built for your iPhone 4 and above, Android mobile running with Android OS 4.3 and above.

So purchase the LoopPay Device.Apple Pay alternative LoopPay Use and Setup

Step 3: Download App for LoopPay as of your device OS type

Download App for iOS

Download App for Android

Step 4: Add you (Bank) Credit card or Debit card without any limitations using the LoopPay fob device.

How to use LoopPay in store

Choose the card from LoopPay apps and Press button from LoopPay card at back side of your smartphone device covered with LoopPay case and Card.

For the security care LoopPay also giving PIN or Password from the unauthorized access.

What can do with Apple pay alternative LoopPay?

Add remove hundreds and thousands of credit card and Debit card under the same account, Remove LoopPay from the device and share your mobile to anyone.

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