[Solved] Apple Pay Cash Not Working on iPhone (Messages, Wallet): 11 pro max, xs max, xr, x,8,7,6S

1 Apple Pay Cash Not Working on iPhone

Get the exact apple pay cash issue for use in the Message app. The Apple Pay brings much reliability for proceeding transaction quickly and easily. Without additional application required to use Apple Pay, you will get this facility in the iMessage app, or you can ask Siri to open the Apple Pay. Instantly pay bills or transfer money to a family member by using a card that you have already in your wallet.

Mandatory requirements to use Apple Pay are:

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  1. Currently, the Apple Pay facility is only available in the US, and the person is eligible to apply if he/she is above 18 years.
  2. The device must be installed on the latest iOS and for iWatch, you will require the latest watchOS 5.1 or later version.
  3. Also, check if your account is locked, then you are not able to use apple pay cash. (You need to check your verification identity on your iPhone/iPad or Apple Watch)
  • For iPhone: Open Wallet app on the iPhone and tap your Apple Pay Cash Card.
  • For iPad: Open Settings app on iPhone. Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay > Tap on Apple Pay Cash Card
  • For Apple Watch: Open Apple Watch app on iPhone > Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay > Tap on Apple pay Cash Card.

See option for Verify Identity, or you can also do contact Apple Support. Follow on-screen instruction and submit verification details.

  1. For further transactions (i.e., send or receive money) on any device, a person must need to sign in on iCloud with the correct Apple ID.
  2. The debit or credit cards must be compatible with Apple Pay for the successful transaction.

How to set up Apple Pay Cash in Wallet and Use in Message

Then Accept “Terms and Conditions,” and after this, you can efficiently use Apple Pay. Sometimes it may ask you to verify the identity. Now you are ready to send or receive money securely using iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad to your family or friends.

1 Apple Pay Cash Not Working on iPhone

When you receive money from someone in Message before accept, then it will automatically get stored on the Apple Pay Cash card. And after that, you can use this money to purchase something or to send money to others or transfer the funds to a bank account.

Once, you will need to set up the Apple Pay by following the given steps:

  • #1: Go to “Settings.”
  • #2: Tap on “Wallet and Apple Pay.”
  • #3: Open the “Apple Pay Cash card” and follow the instructions.

When you want to turn off Apple Pay from one device, then you can turn it off quickly, and if you’re going to use Apple Pay on another device, then you need to sign in with your Apple ID on iCloud.

If you’re facing any issues regarding sending or receiving money, then follow the given steps and try to fix it.

  • #1: Check for the updates in iOS or watchOS and also check your device is eligible or not.
  • #2: Apple Pay will require an excellent cellular or Wi-Fi connection to send or receive money.
  • #3: You need to sign in to iCloud and iMessage with the same Apple ID.

Apple March Event Update 2019: in an event, Apple launched a new physical card called Apple Card. That’s why after iOS Update,

Apple ends funding Apple Pay Cash from credit cards as it announces its own card

Apple has quietly ended the option of funding Apple Pay Cash balances from a credit card.

Send Money not working: Payment Not Send

After following each step check whether the Apple Pay is sending money or not.

  • #1: Restart the device on which you are using Apple Pay
  • #2: Sending money will only be successful if the receiver is eligible to use Apple Pay Cash payments. The receiver must possess iOS and watchOS with the latest version. And if these conditions are not met, then you will get a message which shows that the receiver is not eligible for the text.
  • #3: If the device displays “choose lower amount” or “try again” kind of error then you must check your transaction limits and update them.
  • #4: When you transfer money directly using your debit or credit card, and at that time you face any error then you need to contact the bank or card issuer.

Certain circumstances occur such as,

By mistake, if you sent money to other people, at that time, you can ask the opponent to give back your money by messaging him/her.

You can also cancel the payment if the receiver has not accepted the payment

The receiver should receive the payment within seven days otherwise; the money will be a return to your account.

How to Receive Money

After following each step check whether you can receive money or not.

  • #1: Restart the device
  • #2: Verify if you are eligible as per requirements
  • #3: For accepting the money you need to tap on the take in the message.
  • #4: If you have “turned off” the auto-accept option then to receive money every time you have to tap on “Accept” the message. It is better to turn on auto-accept from settings.
  • #5: Determine that the Apple Pay Cash is “turn on” or not, for that you need to approach settings and then “Wallet and Apple Pay.”
  • #6: Again check your transaction limits if you face the message like “try again” or “request a lower amount.”

These are many consequences, which may interrupt your experience of using Apple Pay. Some small issues will be solved by pursuing the above procedures frequently.

Above all are the possible fixes for Apple Pay Cash Not Working on iPhone. Or Unable to send or receive money via iMessage as Apple pay cash.

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