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🗓️ November 10, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelApple Pay is an innovative technology of Apple. It will work at the payment time after consumer complete the shopping. It’s one type of chip in-built in the latest iPhone models, that sends signals a short distance via air that’s called near-field communication [NFC]. Apple Pay is a top alternative of the Google Pay.

Note: Apple Pay does work on iPhone XS Max, XS, XR, and X with Face ID, while iPhone 8 Plus and other Apple Pay supported iPhones makes secure with Touch ID.

User Can pay in stores, pay on Web, Pay within Apps, ride transit, etc. in more; Apple Watch consumer can also use Apple Pay without put iPhone out of Pocket. That’s why Apple Watch is a plus point gadget in this modern world.

Let’s read in indeed what is Apple Pay

innovative Apple Pay technology

Now, users will make payment much easy and secure way. Through Apple Pay, the user hasn’t required a credit card or debit card put out from the wallet. Just need to keep the finger on iPhone touch ID and take it near shopper’s sensors, which is read users credit or debit card information. Apple Pay will work as the slogan of the Apple Wallet without the wallet.

The user can keep his/her purchase private, because, the apple doesn’t store its transaction details. But for user convenience, the user can fetch most new shopping information from the Wallet App (old name is – Passbook).

innovative Apple Pay let’s Know everything

innovative Apple Pay let’s Know everything

In, Apple’s can allow consumers to capture credit and debit card information through the iSight camera and load (store) it in iPhone. So, through that users would only require to hold the iPhone close to near-field communication [NFC] sensors and put the finger on iPhone touch ID, after that user can confirm the purchase.

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The Apple says new technology Apple pay is more secure than other payment gateways. Probably, user ever lost or stolen his/her iPhone at that time; the user can use Find My iPhone to the speedily put device in lost mode. After that nothing accessible by a thief or anyone and consumer can clear his/her iPhone completely. Get here how to use Apple Pay Cash on your iPhone.  

According to Apple announced, almost major bank and the two primary credit card companies nearly 220,000 stores had joined with its future technology Apple Pay.

Apple Pay let’s Know everything

Apple Pay let’s Know everything

The concept of Apple Pay is Likewise, CurrentC. But, in comparing one significant difference between both and it’s an Apple Pay doesn’t work with each Smartphone as well it doesn’t generate any code at payment time while CurrentC works with all kind of Smartphone. CurrentC generates a barcode such as QR code during scan time.

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