Apple Siri Speaker: HomePod Features, Release Date, Price & Spec

Apple will officially declare all about new Apple Siri speaker (HomePod) in WWDC 2017. Also, it’s remarkable for the developers and gives a few months time to developer own app for new Siri speaker (Home automation system and more). Siri-Enabled smart speaker by Apple now in a market as the toughest competitor of Amazon Alexa, Google Home or others. Now everything all about this new HomePod features, Price, Specs and Release date is confirmed.


Siri interaction in the speaker can manage using own voice. Easy to understand your natural voice inside the home, and Speaker sounding pure HD sound at each corner of the room. It’s play Apple music sound and an instant reply of your query from News, Traffic, Weather, Sports, Translations, Clocks, Measurements, Timers and more. Apple launches new device first time in marker to bit existing competitor Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Sonos and rest of the other speakers. The first time Apple officially declared Apple speaker called HomePod.

All the names are the best suite of other Apple products and related too.

1 ApplePod Siri speaker by apple

Release Date is not confirmed to launch it publicly. But confirmed rumors saying, it will be available in market at the (December) end of this year – 2017.

How to call HomePod?

Activate or Wakeup Home HomePod with “Hey Siri” command before asking a question.

HomePod Sound Chip

Apple integrated (Apple-Designed A8) cheap that work smart way in your room. That’s the smarter and help to scan the surrounding atmosphere and pass the quality sound at all. It doesn’t matter to choose speaker location, at the corner or center of the room.

Compact design, Stable base on any surface.

Cost is $350 and available in December.

Big area auto cover by multiple HomePod, New connecting technology between them automatically sync itself and ready to play sound at once.

Along with Siri, HomePod is also accepting touch controls. Tap on top of the HomePod for play, Adjust volume and Pause. LED waveform on Listen to your voice by Siri.

And another important HomePod Features is controlled all home accessories via the speaker, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

Sample Commands:-

  • Hey Siri, Turn on the lights
  • Cool the rooms
  • Lower the Shades
  • Access Garage Doors, Turn on/ Off Air conditioners.

Product Dimensions,

6.8 inch high and 5.6 inches wide


2.5 kg

Acceptable languages

English – US, UK, and Australia


Multi-Room speaker – AirPlay 23

WiFi with MIMO

iOS users are in the world not happy on average, because of unexpected Siri result. And the Amazon Alexa is awesome, that’s why people love it.

Also, Siri Speaker will support third-party app with iOS and Smart Electronics items.

For example Book Ride in Uber, Send Text in iMessage, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

This time Apple will do something magic for all Apple fans. Past time Apple released AirPods and Apple watch as well the first time in history. And got amazing success.

Tech people also curious about which are the input ports and Streaming hardware (Airplay, Airdrop and more).

Share your expectation and excitement about new Apple Siri Speaker in the comment box.

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