Universal Control Alternatives for Unsupported Older Macs & Between Windows 2024

Follow this article, To Enable Universal Control on an unsupported Mac. Do you have Universal control Unsupported Older Mac? Then you are in the right place to get a solution to run a feature like Universal control. Starting in macOS 12.3 and iPad OS 15.4, Apple has incorporated Universal Control features in their devices. The Universal Control works seamlessly between your Mac, iPad, or other compatible device using just one keyboard and mouse or trackpad. It does the job for editors, digital artists, and producers quickly, elegantly, and efficiently. Now they don’t have to plug in their mouse and keyboard each time to a different device for practical use.

Although Universal Control is only available for Apple devices at the moment, various other applications let you use your mouse and keyboard on multiple devices simultaneously. Here we will discuss these Universal control Alternatives for your device that work equally well as the Universal Control on unsupported macBetween Macs, and Between Mac and Windows Computer.

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How to use the Universal control feature on Unsupported Devices?

Suppose you are a designer, digital artist, or work in any other field that requires you to work on multiple devices simultaneously, but your devices do not support Universal Control. In that case, you can use the Logi tech flow tool, which is an excellent alternative to Universal control

Logitech Flow allows users of both Windows and macOS devices to quickly and effortlessly copy and paste images, files, text (both plain text and rich text), and folders between computers with the Logitech Flow App installed. It achieves this by sending clipboard suggestions from the computer that Flows out to the computer that Flows in during the channel switch. Logitech flow works seamlessly across platforms, and you can use it for transferring files from a MacBook to a Windows computer and vice versa.

There are two primary ways by which you can use the Logitech Flow to manage, access, and move files between computers.

Setup Logitech Options Software: Between Macs, MacOS & Windows

Logitech Options is a powerful, user-friendly application that enhances your Logitech keyboards, mouse, and touchpads. Now you can customize your device with Options and unlock the potential of your devices that you were unaware of in the first place.

Before using Logitech Flow, it is essential that you have a keyboard and mouse that is compatible with the software. Also, keep in mind that both the computers should be connected on the same WiFi or LAN

So consider the following steps to use Logitech Flow on your devices.

Step. 1→ Download and install the Logitech Options app on both computers.


Step. 2→ Now, Launch the Logitech Options app on both devices.

Step. 3→ After that, Pair your keyboard and mouse individually with both the computers.

Step. 4→ Then click on “Flow” on the menu bar at the top of the Logitech Options window. For MacOS, Allow Permission to Access Logi under the Accessibility settings, Go to the Apple Logo > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Unlock the window, Accessibility > Select Logi Options & Logi Options Daemon. For more, Logitech Option not Working on Mac.


Step. 5→ Wait for some time for Logitech Flow to Detect and Pair with the nearby computers having the same software downloaded, and click on the Continue button.

Step. 6→ After that, enable the “Copy and Paste” and “Screen Corner” options under the Logitech Flow pane on the left.


Step. 7→ Move your cursor to the edge of the screen of one computer towards the screen of the other computer to switch between devices.

(If the devices randomly switch by mistakenly moving the mouse towards the edge of the screen, you can resolve this issue by clicking on “Move to the edge” under Switch Between Computers and selecting “Hold Ctrl and move to the edge.” By enabling this feature, you can switch between devices by holding the Ctrl key and then dragging your mouse towards the edge of the screen.)


Step. 8→ Finally, copy a file from one computer, move the cursor to the other computer, and paste it there. This step will allow you to copy and paste files from one device to another without cables, USB, or other storage devices.


Logitech Flow Supported Mouse

Logi Options Flow Supported Keyboards

Logitech Options + Beta software:-

Logi Options+ Beta is a next-generation app that lets you manage and customize your supported mice and keyboards —so they all flawlessly work according to your needs. Combining the best features of Options with the latest and easy-to-use interface, Options+ Beta is designed to transform your daily tasks. Since this app is in beta version, new features, specific bug fixes, and other things keep coming up with the updates. This software is supported by macOS 10.15 or higher and Windows 10 or above operating systems.

First, download and install the Logitech Options + Beta software on both the computers on which you want the Logitech Flow. Second, ensure that both the computers are connected on the same network connection. Finally, verify that you have the keyboard and mouse compatible with the Logitech Flow feature.

Once this is done, follow the instruction below to set up and use Logitech Flow on multiple devices simultaneously.

Step. 1→ First, connect or Pair your mouse and keyboard with each computer individually.

Step. 2→ Now open the Logitech Options + Beta app on both computer devices.

Step. 3→ Each of your Logitech devices is represented by unique icons. Click on the Mouse icon in the Logitech Options + Beta application.

Step. 4→ Then, click on the “Flow” label on the left-hand side of the window.

Step. 5→ After that, tap on “Setup Flow” and hit the Continue button on the connect other computers window.

Step. 6→ The software will automatically scan for nearby computers with the Logitech Options + Beta app running. Once your device is detected, press continue.

Step. 7→ Tap on “More Settings” at the top right corner of the screen and enable “Copy and Paste.”  

(If you want to connect your Flow compatible keyboard with the Logitech Options + Beta, then enable the Link Keyboard option in the More Settings tab.)

Step. 8→ Move the cursor towards the edge of the screen of one computer to switch over to the other computer.

(If you get frustrated with the cursor shifting to the other computer by mistake, enable the “Hold Ctrl and move the cursor to edge” option in the More settings window. This feature will allow you to switch between computers by holding the Ctrl key and moving the mouse towards the corner of the screen as per the screen orientation.)

Step. 9→ At last, copy a file on one computer, move the cursor towards the other computer and paste the copied file there to transfer it from one device to another.

This was the information regarding the Universal Control Alternatives that one can use to increase work efficiency and productivity exponentially. Suppose you have problems transferring or copy-pasting photos, videos, documents, texts, etc., from your MacBook to a Windows device. In that case, Logitech Flow can help you solve this issue without using any USB devices, pen drives, cables, or other storage devices. Therefore, download the Logitech options or Logitech Options + Beta application to switch between computers effortlessly.

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