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Apple introduced a new feature for Mac. Named Universal Control, this new feature will allow users to navigate across multiple Apple devices like iMac, iPad, MacBook, and others with the same keyboard and mouse at once. The new feature will function compatibility with the Mac OS Monterey software update.

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Universal Control and its similarity to Continuity and Handoff features

Universal Control VS Continuity

Apple is updating its Continuity system, first introduced in OS X Yosemite with this new Universal Control feature. Like the Continuity feature, which allows users to switch between their Mac, iPhone seamlessly, and iPad touch, the Universal Control feature lets users move between Mac and iPad for a seamless experience without additional setup. In addition, the Continuity feature lets users pick up where they left off with supported apps and effortlessly share a mobile Internet connection across various Apple devices.

Here’s How to Use Universal Control.

Find the Below Universal control settings on your Mac System Preferences, Apple Logo from top mac menu > System Preferences > Display > Advanced > Enable check box for.universal-control-setting-in-mac-system-preferences

  1. Allow your cursor and keyboard to move between any nearby Mac or iPad
    • Your cursor and keyboard can be used on any nearby Mac or iPad signed in to your iCloud account.
  2. Push through the edge of a display to connect a nearby Mac or iPad
    • Allow the cursor to connect to a nearby Mac or iPad by pushing against the edge of display.
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Universal Control VS Handoff

One of the prominent features of the Continuity feature is the Handoff feature. Handoff lets users hand off a task from one device to another. So, for instance, a user can start a new email on their mobile Mail app. Then they can switch to their MacBook where they can finish typing it, without the need to save it as a draft first and then send it.

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Universal Control VS Handoff VS Continuity

Universal Control comes from the same Continuity and Handoff features that have long been part of iOS and Mac Operating Systems. In the Continuity and Handoff system, the devices needed to be close enough so that their Bluetooth modules could detect each other. And also, all the devices should be on the same iCloud account for the feature to work. But this is not so in Universal Control, as we will find out later.

The Universal Control feature uses Continuity and Handoff. Users need to find the Handoff tick box in System Preferences>General on the Mac. And on the iPad in Settings>General>AirPlay and Handoff. Users need to toggle Handoff to on to enable Universal Control. Users can disable the function whenever they want to stop using it.

How does Universal Control work?

With the new Universal Control feature, users can work with a single mouse and keyboard and interchange between Mac and iPad for a seamless experience without the necessity of any additional setup. In addition, users can spread windows out across more than one screen and easily drag and drop content between different devices with their mouse.

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Although, Apple has mentioned that no setup is required, and the feature will work when devices are next to one another. But since Universal Control is not officially available till now, experts suggest that Apple users need to register with the same Apple ID and run on the same network for the Universal Control feature to function.

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is Universal Control Batter then Sidecar?

Universal Control is not essentially a new feature. It is possible through different third-party apps. Also, Apple introduced the Sidecar feature in 2019, which enabled all the users to connect their iPad efficiently as a second monitor for devices like MacBook or the iMac. However, the Universal Control feature is an improvement over the Sidecar feature as it allows users to link any Apple devices together, even if it is not an iPad.

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Universal Control with all Apple Devices

When will Universal Control be available? The Universal Control will be a part of the Mac OS Monterey and iPad OS 15. When these operating systems roll out around September of 2021, users can expect the feature to be a part of the systems. Even though currently, the developer betas of these software updates are ready for testing, and the public betas will arrive this summer. It is recommended that users wait until MacOS Monterey and iPad OS 15 officially roll out. It will ensure that the features are free of any bugs or complications. Read more about Universal Control System Requirements and Supported Devices.

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Will Universal Control kill AirDrop? 🤫

No Naver, Because Universal control is useful for do action while working with an apple device. like quickly Move Some images, URLs, Documents from One device to another that’s side by side, Signed in with the same Apple ID, and Handoff is on. But What if these rules are not following your device! AirDrop will work.

So, Universal Control has been used for Work, not Files [Images, Videos] transfer.

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