Apple Watch 5 Troubleshooting

New Apple Watch 5th Generation Models name

  1. Apple Watch Series 5 Available in [New] Titanium model, Diamond Like coating, Nike Sport Bands, Black Stainless Steel cases.
  2. Price: From $490
  3. Available on Sep 20, 2019
  4. Swim Proof, ECG, Apple Pay
  5. 18 Hours Battery life, 60Hz with new low power display sensor Always on Display on Apple Watch Series 5,
  6. Built in Compass app, New Audiobook App, Updated Map apps, Track Cycle with a Tap [Gather all information about your mensural cycle].
  7. Safety: The New noise app the alerts you when Decibel rise to levels that can impact your Hearing. Fall Detection, Medical ID, Emergency Services [International Emergency Calling]
  8. New In-Built Watch Faces: Infograph Watch Face, Modular Compact Watch Face, Meridian Watch Face, Infograph Modular Watch Face.
  9. Possible to count Flights of Stairs and Outdoor workouts that help to measure elevation. Know just how high or Low you really are?
  10. Made from 100% recycled aluminium [Arsenic Free Glass, Mercury Free, RFB Free, PVC Free Berllium Free]

    Apple Watch Features added in Apple Watch 5-2

    Apple Watch Features added in Apple Watch 5-2

Apple Watch 5 Problems and Solutions

  • Apple Watch 5 Won’t Turn on and Black Screen
  • Apple Watch 5 Not Charging
  • Noise App Not Working on Apple Watch 5
  • Fall Detection Not Working on Apple Watch 5, Setup Fall Detection: Sent fall alert to emergency services and dismiss the alerts. if we doesn’t respond within 60 seconds Apple Watch send the notification and Your location to emergency contacts.
  • is Apple Watch Series 5 Waterproof? No, its Water Resistance to 50 Meters. Apple Specially Designed Apple Watch 5 for Swimmers. Pool Swim Workout and Open Water Workout precisely track all Swimming activities.
  • Apple Watch Always on Display Not Working: Face and Complications we can see without touch and raising your wrist. keep your Eyes on Different counting like Timer on Running, Fitness Matrix while Gym or Outdoor Exercise, Weather on Travelling, Manage Times more efficiently in dim light. Touch the screen to see Full brilliance screen.
  • Cycle Tracking not Working on Apple Watch, Not Accurate so How to Reset it.
  • Enable Siri Feature on Apple Watch 5 for Identify Songs, Search Topic online, Track Workout.
  • Enable International Emergency Calling: Just Press and Hold the side button on Apple Watch Series 5 with cellular models. Your Watch will connect to emergency helpline number in any corner of the world.
  • Audiobooks App Not working on Apple Watch 5
  • Sync Audiobooks app on Apple Watch 5
  • Podcasts app not working on Apple Watch 5
  • Use Apple Pay on Apple Watch [Apple Watch hold near reader to play and Double click the side button]
  • How to send or Receive Apple Cash with the Messages app on Apple Watch
  • Find What Song is this on Apple Watch Using Siri on Apple Watch 5. – Siri and Shzam will help us to discover the new tunes. also ask the important questions and get the result from web without phone with cellular.
  • Customise Apple Watch 5 Face with your suite & Dress code.
  • turn off or Turn on Voice over on Apple Watch 5: Press Digital Crown button three times at once, Your watch says Voice Over is on and Tap on Watch Face to Read the speakable content. Turn off Voice over using Triple click on Digital Crown button at once.
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  3. Meet the Specialist of Apple Support on Phone Call: 1-800-NY-APPLE and online chat for personal issues.