Will Apple Watch Automatically Change Daylight Saving Time 2024?

The Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches available in the market. Since the Apple watch needs to be synced with your iPhone, all the data like time, contacts, etc., get saved in the Apple watch after completing the synchronization process. The customers of this device often like to change the time settings for managing time more effectively, but they find it difficult to change the time since it automatically sets the same date and time as on the iPhone with which it was paired. There are two ways to change the time on the Apple watch- Using the Apple Watch and Using the iPhone with which it is paired. Otherwise, Your Apple Watch Perfectly works, and Update Time on Daylight Saving Time, Don’t worry.

Suppose it begins at 2:00 a.m., in the United States on Sunday, March 13, and expires at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 6, 2022. All times are in Eastern Time.

We have brought some exciting ways to provide the Apple watch users with some easy yet effective ways to change time on their Apple watches. Pay close attention to these methods to change the time settings on your Apple watch.

Yes, Apple Watch Changes it automatically on Daylight Saving Time! Still, you want to change on your Apple Watch here are alternate methods.

How to Manually set the time on an Apple Watch

Since the date, time, contacts, and other basic settings are automatically saved from the iPhone once the pairing is done, it is customary to face difficulty finding the option of manually changing the time on an Apple Watch. So follow the steps clearly described below to set the date and time on an Apple watch manually.

Step. 1→ Open the settings on your Apple Watch by pressing the Digital Crown and tapping on the settings icon denoted by a gear symbol.

Step. 2→ Then, scroll down and look for the setting “clock” and tap on it.


Step. 3→ Now, click on the “+ 0 min” option on the clock settings window.

Step. 4→ After that, spin the digital dial to select how many minutes ahead you want the Apple Watch to display the time on it.

Step. 5→ Finally, tap on “set” to apply the changes and quit the settings app.


Using this simple process, the users can set the time on their Apple Watch up to 59 minutes ahead of when compared to your iPhone’s original local time. This process is the easiest and most used method for changing the time on the Apple watch.

How to adjust the Date and Time on your iPhone manually, or set it to update automatically according to your location

The iPhone is manufactured in such a way that it automatically detects the time zone you are in using the GPS data provided by your cellular service provider. Therefore, the iPhone should always show the correct local time zone, even in Daylight Saving Mode. However, in some cases, the iPhone can not recognize the local time zone and selects the wrong time zone for showing the time on it. 

So, there are two ways to change the date and time on your iPhone- manual and automatic update of time. We will discuss both of the methods mentioned earlier in this section of this article as the date and time settings of the iPhone affect the time settings on the Apple watch.

How to automatically change your iPhone’s time settings

Step. 1→ Launch the Settings app on your iPhone.

Step. 2→ Look for the Privacy setting and tap on it.

Step. 3→ Then, click on the “Location Services” option in the privacy window.

Step. 4→ Now, turn ON the Location Services setting by toggling it towards the right if it is not already on.

Step. 5→ Once you have turned on the location services, hover down in the same window and select the “System Services” setting.

Step. 6→ Then, ensure that the “Setting Time Zone” option is enabled. If it is not already enabled, you can turn it on by toggling it.

Step. 7→ Now tap the back button at the top left corner of the screen three times to head back to the main settings page.

Step. 8→ Go to the “Date and Time” settings by clicking on General settings.

Step. 9→ Now, turn on the “Set Automatically” option on the date and time page and exit from the settings app.

After completing the steps described above, the iPhone will automatically set the local date and time settings based on the GPS data provided by your cellular service provider. Now sync the Apple watch with your iPhone to change the date and time.

How to manually change the time on an iPhone

Suppose your iPhone faces some difficulty setting the correct date and time on it, then here is an alternative method by which you can select the date and time manually on the iPhone.

Step. 1→ First, tap on the Settings app to open it on your iPhone.

Step. 2→ Now go to General > Date and time.

Step. 3→ Turn off the “Set Automatically” setting if it is turned on.

Step. 4→ Click on “Time Zone” and type in your correct time zone according to your location.

Step. 5→ Finally, click on the date and time option to set the time and date manually.

The above-described process will help you manually change your iPhone’s date and time settings. Note that if you set the date and time manually, you will have to adjust it manually every time you move to a different time zone or if your region changes to Daylight Saving Time. Once this is done, synchronize the Apple watch with your iPhone to successfully change the time on the Apple watch.

This article aims to deliver only the most straightforward and practical solutions to your changing Daylight Saving Time problems. With this, we have come to the end of this post, and we hope that you were able to set or change the date and time settings on your Apple Watch using the help of the methods explained in detail in this post. 

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