Apple Watch Battery Lifespan, Capacity – Charging needs once a Day

Get a closer look about Apple Watch battery, Also know battery lifespan after use Apple Watch differently. Your Apple Watch Battery should 18 hours long after charge overnight. Battery usage by person may vary on user’s usage on Access apps, Talk Time, Workout and Audio playback.

New apple watch Series 2 upgraded from built in GPS hardware and auto find gym equipment on your apple watch.

Apple Watch battery life – Charging will need once a Day

Start Battery life time after single full charge over night, 90 times check, 45 Minutes in app use, 90 notifications, 30 minutes workout.

Use Bluetooth to play music

Standard Charging time will take for full charge apple watch = 1 Better cycle

1.5 hours to 80%

2 hours to 100%

Workout usage

Apple Watch series 1 measure or tick your workout up to 8 hours, Heart rate sensor, Built-in GPS and Apple Watch series 2 without iPhone will run up to 5 hours. Because series 2 watch has built-in GPS and many hardware configures are very from apple watch series 1.

New Apple Watch series 2 is not reflecting directly to Battery performance still because it’s optimized for several process by default from the software and hardware architecture.

Apple Watch battery life estimate

You can refer our tips on improve battery life on apple watch using some custom settings and general guide.

Battery conditions are same for all apple watch models based on design. But may vary between 38mm and 42mm screen Apple watch.

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Keep your apple watch updated with latest watchOS firmware. How to update apple watch.

Indeed, all features have come with upcoming Apple Watch then what happen of battery life. What you say about Apple Watch battery life, just text and discuss with us that what you expect? Keep in touch with us to know about Apple watch daily apps and more.

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