Apple Watch Series 4 Won’t Turn on or Charge: Here’s Troubleshootings

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fix Apple Watch Series 4 won't turn on, Before taking your Apple Watch Series 4 to the Apple technician, you should look at our tricks which will possibly help you to fix Apple Watch Series 4 won't turn on.

Sometimes Apple Watch Series 4 won’t turn on or charge after swimming or bath. some of them had purchased on the very first day of availability, and some purchased a week ago or a month ago. No matter when you buy the Apple Watch, but if you are having trouble with the brand new Apple Watch Series 4, then I know how annoying it is. Because on the very fifth day, when I got this watch, it suddenly starts various problems like Apple Watch Series 4 won’t turn on, apps start freezing and crashing in Apple Watch and more.


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If you are facing similar problems with the iWatch 4, then don’t panic. When I was in your situation, my friend suggested me to try a few troubleshooting techniques to fix Apple Watch4 not turning turn on and it worked for me. From that day, my Apple Watch Series 4 is perfectly working. Hopefully, you will consider our tricks to fix your Apple Watch.

Potential Solution to Apple Watch Series 4 Won’t Turn on or Charge

Solution 1: Disable Power Reserve mode

If you are raising your wrist and Apple Watch Series 4 won’t turn on, then you need to make sure that the watch is not on Power Reserve mode. When you enable Power Reserve mode, the accessibility features get disabled automatically like Raise to wake to save the battery of Apple Watch.

Step #1: Pull up the Control Center.

Step #2: Tap on “Battery Percentage”.

Step #3: Disable the “Power Reserve” mode.

Solution 2: Charge the Apple Watch

It might be possible that the battery of Apple Watch is totally drained out, and even after placing it on the magnetic charger the Apple Watch won’t turn on. It happens when you have used the watch for a long time, and the battery is drained out to 0%. So I would suggest you wait for a while and see if the Apple Watch turns on.

Solution 3: Force Restart Apple Watch

After charging the Apple Watch still it is not responding, then you should force restart the Apple Watch to fix Apple Watch Series 4 not turning on. To force restart Apple Watch follow the steps,

Step #1: Press and hold the Digital Crown and Power button until you see the Apple logo on the screen.

If you do not find the Apple logo, then try pressing the same buttons for two to three times.

Solution 4: Contact Apple Support

However you have made out restart the Apple Watch, but it didn’t start completely, or some error is displaying on the screen like Red exclamation mark or anything, at that moment you will need to contact Apple Support for further help. As it can be possible the Apple Watch is facing any hardware damage.

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