Automatically import iPhone Camera roll to Dropbox- How to

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Today I’m going to share with you here smart way to take a backup of your iPhone photos and videos without Apple iColud. An alternate way for backup iPhone camera roll, for that you need to follow here described instructions about automatically import iPhone camera roll to Dropbox. For individual free basic users, Dropbox gives 2GB free cloud space, while premium users have to pay $9.99/ month for 1 TB storage.

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In addition, the Dropbox web base all features available on Apple iPhone App. therefore, if you have own iPhone and want to take a backup of the photo library though you can save your iPhone photos and videos on Dropbox very easily through Wi-Fi or Cellular data.

Ultimate Guide to Automatically Import iPhone Camera roll to Dropbox

how to import iPhone Camera roll to Dropbox

How to automatically upload photos to dropbox from iPhone Camera roll

  • Step #1. Open the Dropbox App from the home screen or you can find using spotlight search on your Apple iPhone.

Note: Enter User ID and passcode to Sing-on dropbox, in case of if Dropbox logged-in

  • Step #2. Tap the Account tab that appears right-lower on the screen.
  • Step #3. Hit on Camera uploads– Under the Features tab
  • Step #4. Turn Camera upload toggle On/green.
    (Automatically upload photos on this device to your personal account.)
  • Step #5. After turned toggle Green – you can see two lines that say Photos will upload to the camera uploads folder in your personal account.

The above steps were just automatically uploading pictures to dropbox while your device connected to Wi-Fi.

How do I get my iPhone video to automatically upload to Dropbox?

But you if you would like to upload videos also then follow the bottom instructions.

  • Step #1. Open Dropbox App
  • Step #2. Tap the Account tab
  • Step #3. hit on Camera Uploads feature
  • Step #4. turn toggle Camera uploads ON
  • Step #5. next turn on the toggle next to the Upload videos tab.

→ Note: Videos will upload to the camera uploads folder in your personal account.

Above all two things will work only your Phone will be connected to a Wi-Fi network. because dropbox would like to save your cellular data in case you haven’t an unlimited data plan.

Suppose you are rich users or having a solid requirement to upload your Phone photos and video camera roll to Dropbox automatically. then Please turn toggle next to the Use cellular data.
→Note: Dropbox will not upload videos using your data plan. (you can only and only upload pictures automatically to dropbox using the cell data plan.)

how to turn on background uploading dropbox iPhone

  • #1. Open Dropbox App
  • #2. Tap the Account tab
  • #3. hit on Camera Uploads feature
  • #4. Now turn Camera uploads toggle On/green.
  • #5. In last, on your dropbox app screen, Background uploading
  • Next, follow the on your phone screen instructions.

if you try to enable Background uploading pictures automatically to dropbox from your iPhone camera roll then
phone ask you Allow location access

Then background uploading can start when your location changes.
if you like, then Tap Enable appears upper-top on the screen.

  • A pop-up will ask you – Allow “Dropbox” to access your location? select “allow while using App”. Then background uploading can start when your location changes.
  • Three Option – Allow while using App, Allow Once, Don’t Allow.

without location access, Automatically import the iPhone Camera roll to Dropbox into background uploading mode won’t work.

how to Enable location Services Dropbox on iPhone

You can start Location service for Dropbox on iPhone

  • #1. Go to Settings App
  • #2. Scroll the screen find and tap on Privacy
  • #3. Tap Location Services
  • #4. next, turn toggle Location Services On/Green.
  • #5. Scroll the screen find & tap Dropbox
  • #6. Here you can see four options;
    • Never – iPhone does not give permission to dropbox to use LS (location service or GPS)
    • Ask next Time – next time ask to give permission to dropbox to access LS
    • While Using the App – Dropbox only uses your LS while your real-time use the dropbox app.
    • Always: last option allows dropbox to use location service for 24X7, I mean all the time, (this will kill too much battery)

I suggest that you should keep the power bank to recharge your phone battery.

How to disable automatic photos upload in Dropbox on iPhone and iPad

let’s go with my following steps to stop the dropbox camera upload iPhone.

  • Step #1. Open the Dropbox App.
  • Step #2. Tap the Account tab that appears right-bottom on the screen.
  • Step #3. Click on Camera uploads– Under the Features section
  • Step #4. Turn Camera upload toggles OFF/white.

That’s it!

Bottom Line

So your Wi-Fi connected iPhone’s all photos of camera roll will happen automatically upload. You can terminate/ pause camera upload any time whenever you wish. Furthermore, if you think to take a backup of iPhone camera roll Videos then turn Upload Videos.

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To save cellular data plan. You should use only Wi-Fi to upload/ automatically import the iPhone camera roll to Dropbox. You might also appear background uploading option, it’s nothing but it keeps continue to import photos and videos procedure under the iPhone background condition.

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