BenQ LaptopBar Review 2024 – A Complete Guide

Eye comfort is the top priority for every laptop user. BenQ, a pioneer in the market, addresses this digital eyestrain concern with its LaptopBar. Since 2018, they’ve recognized the discomfort laptop users face due to insufficient light in the workspace where blue light directly comes from the devices. That’s why BenQ designed the world’s first lamp specifically for laptops.

The LaptopBar is not just a conventional lamp; it represents a revolution in laptop lighting. BenQ’s commitment to providing a real eye-care environment led to the integration of cutting-edge technologies. The use of 3D surround illumination ensures that both the workspace and ambient surroundings are adequately lit. It helps in significantly reducing eye strain and enhancing overall eye comfort.

BenQ has crafted a lighting solution that goes beyond conventional choices, providing users with an advanced and portable tool that prioritizes eye health. We have curated this BenQ LaptopBar review guide to help you understand all its features and complete utility before you make the purchase. Go through now. 

Why Do You Need a LaptopBar Light?

BanQ Laptop lidhtbar

Monitor light bars like the BenQ LaptopBar offer users a range of benefits. You will get features like brightness control and adjustable color temperature, which make it a versatile and handy solution for on-the-go lighting needs. LaptopBar users have reported that it helps to improve the following:

  • Dry Eyes and High Intraocular Pressure: Lack of light can cause discomfort like dry eyes and high intraocular pressure.
  • Contrast and Glare Issues: Bright laptop screens in varying environments can lead to eye strain.
  • Portability Challenges: Traditional desk lamps are inconvenient when you work with your laptop in different locations.

BenQ LaptopBar Review – The Good

The BenQ LaptopBar offers a compelling solution for workspace lighting needs. It addresses eye discomfort during extended hours of laptop use with its 3D illumination tech and adjustable settings. Its pocket-sized design and brightness and color temperature control features make LaptopBar a versatile tool. It offers a user-friendly experience in different work environments, especially for MacBook users. 

Here is a breakdown of the aspects that make BenQ LaptopBar the best monitor light bar:

Built and Design

BenQ LaptopBar Built and Design

The BenQ LaptopBar boasts an innovative dual-form design that enhances its adaptability. Its foldable arm offers height adjustability, ensuring optimal lighting conditions regardless of the workspace. BenQ collaborated with the Danish design team to meticulously craft the LaptopBar. Beyond providing superior light, we have seamlessly integrated functionality and aesthetics, making it a stylish accessory for laptops. The magnetic attachment of the light bar allows you to easily attach it without touching the laptop screen. Its narrow bezels ensure your laptop camera is not covered while rendering a firm grip to the light bar.


BenQ LaptopBar Features

The BenQ LaptopBar stands out as a versatile lighting solution as it is equipped with cutting-edge features. We have currently obtained an optics patent, and we would appreciate you to incorporate CIRCUM-Light ™ 3D surround illumination. The LaptopBar creates an optimal lighting environment for the workspace. The touch bar allows seamless adjustment of color temperature across 7 levels (2700k to 5700k), catering to varied user preferences.

The Lamp and Lighting

The main strength of the BenQ LaptopBar is its exceptional lighting power. Offering a maximum illuminance of 800 lux, it significantly reduces the contrast ratio by 89%. It mitigates eye discomfort caused by the contrast between the laptop screen and the surrounding environment. LaptopBar also facilitates high-level color rendering with a Ra> 95.

In reality, there’s no light that can reduce or obstruct blue light due to the inherent physical principles. The reason of eye strain is insufficient brightness and the contrast between laptop and its surroundings. BanQ emphasize this aspect to reduce eye fatigue, allowing LaptopBar to complement the ambient light and minimize the contrast light.


Designed with mobility in mind, the BenQ LaptopBar excels in portability. It weighs less than an iPhone 14. Its compact and lightweight design makes it a perfect companion for laptop users. The light is cordless, which eliminates the tedious job of managing the cable and allows users to create a minimalist and mobile workspace effortlessly.


BenQ LaptopBar Battery

The BenQ LaptopBar comes with a rechargeable battery. It provides users with an impressive battery life of up to 160 minutes on a full charge at 50% brightness. This feature enhances its portability, allowing users to benefit from the lightbar’s compact design without tethering it to a power source.

Smart Technology

Featuring smart technology, the LaptopBar offers a personalized auto-dimming function that remembers your brightness preferences. You can also adjust the lighting quickly by sliding the touch bar. This intelligent feature adjusts the LaptopBar’s brightness depending on the surrounding light if you don’t configure it as per your preference. Thus, it ensures optimal lighting without manual intervention.


The LaptopBar undergoes rigorous testing to ensure durability and quality. With certifications for IEC blue light hazard-free, IEC electromagnetic radiation standard, IEEE flicker-free, and UN 38.3 certification for lithium batteries, you can trust in the longevity and safety of this lighting solution.


BenQ LaptopBar Ease-of-use

LaptopBar is designed with user convenience in mind, as it’s easy to set up. It features a magnetic attach-and-remove technology that doesn’t touch the laptop screen but installs the light bar in seconds. Moreover, it attaches firmly to the hinge of your laptop without putting any pressure or leaving a scratch on it. BenQ ensured a steady hold of the light while moving the laptop. This lightweight e-reading light also comes with a touch bar attached that allows you to intuitively control the lighting conditions just at a slide.


Priced competitively, the BenQ LaptopBar starts at $139. It’s quite affordable in terms of the functionality it provides. You can opt for it if you want more focus on the screen to boost your productivity.

BenQ LaptopBar Review – The Bad

While the BenQ LaptopBar has garnered praise for its innovative design and impressive features, there are some aspects that users may find less than ideal:

  • Pricing: Many users have reviewed the price point as a bit higher.
  • Perceived Flimsiness: While it may look delicate, the LaptopBar feels sturdy in use. However, there’s still a perception among users that its slim profile and foldable design might give an impression of fragility, even though it is reported to be quite solid in reality.

Should you buy BenQ LaptopBar?

When you consider buying the BenQ LaptopBar, several pros make it a compelling choice:

  • Exceptional eye protection.
  • Innovative design with magnetic attachment for easy and secure installation.
  • Personalized auto-dimming for user convenience.
  • Portable and lightweight, enhancing its versatility as a mobile workspace solution.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • 120 cm drop safe.
  • Adjustable height. 
  • It keeps your camera lens wide open.
  • Limited to laptop use.

Final Thoughts

BenQ’s LaptopBar stands out as an ideal solution for laptop users prioritizing eye care. It goes beyond being a simple light accessory. It’s a thoughtful integration of technology and design aimed at enhancing the overall well-being of users. Whether you are a student, professional, or casual user, the LaptopBar proves to be a valuable investment. Not just illumination, but you will get a seamless and comfortable user experience in different computing settings.

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