Best 16-inch MacBook Pro Cases

Best 16-inch MacBook Pro Cases 2020: Unique MBP Cases & Sleeves, Bags

Carrying MacBook Pro 16-inch is not less than a random heart-attack, who knows when you drop the MacBook. The best practice is to order or at least find the best MacBook Pro 16 cases laptop cover if you are surely buying the 21 best MacBook Pro 16-inch accessories. So, at the time, MacBook Pro comes in your hands; the very next second, you can cover it with a protective case for Macbook Pro 16.

Keeping in mind the sleekness and style of your MacBook Pro, we have collected a few best 16-inch MacBook Pro Cases to buy in 2020. From clear case to hardshell cases for MacBook Pro 16, everything is listed below; all you need to do is, think and purchase the correct one that matches your profession.

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Top 19 Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch Cases List

#1. SUPCASE TPU Bumper Case for 16-inch MacBook Pro under $30SUPCASE TPU Bumper Case for 16-inch MacBook Pro

SUPCASE Bumper case made up of tough users who fail every time to keep the MacBook Pro safe and intact. SUPCASE offers a stylish and ultra-protective clear case, with advanced safeguarding from drops, scratches, and many more damages. The case crafted with hard polycarbonate shock-absorbent material; this comprehensive case will ensure your MacBook’s safety all along. Besides, compared to the sleeve case, it is less expensive and highly protective.

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#2. LuvCase -Leather Hard Shell Case for MacBook Pro 16

Best LuvCase Leather Hard Shell Case Cover for MacBook Pro 16 Case

If you want to give a more professional look and feel to your MacBook, the LuvCase Laptop leather case for MacBook Pro 16 must be counted. When it comes to buying leather accessories, no other color can beat the brown cow leather color. Alongside, its precise cutouts deliver complete access to USB ports, and other ports, without any need to remove the case. Moreover, the bottom section of the cover contains rubberize layers to secure laptops from sliding or dropping when places in the slant surface. As usual, with any other case, you’ll get overall protection against overheating issues.

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#3. MOSISO-Plastic Hard Shell Case for MacBook Pro 16MOSISO MacBook Pro 16 inch Case

If you are looking for a stylish but protective case for MacBook Pro 16-inch, care to look at this MOSISO’s masterpiece hardshell case. It’s ultra-slim, lightweight profile with a matte finish makes your MacBook Pro different from others. The case is divided into two-pieces, that makes a really easy and quick installation of the upper and bottom section. MOSISO’s well-designed case comes with bottom ventilation for fast heat disbursement and to keep your MacBook Pro cool. In less than $20, you will get additional keyboard cover as well as a screen protector for MacBook Pro 16“.

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#4. CAISON-Sleeve Case for MacBook Pro 16CAISON Laptop Sleeve Ultrabook Case for 2019 New 16 inch MacBook Pro

There are numerous sleeve cases for MacBook Pro 16 2019 are available, however, finding the best deal is quite tough. Besides, a common sleeve case that could fit any 16-inch laptop is perfect for your MacBook Pro, as sleeve cases are not made for particular laptop models. CAISON’s laptop sleeve case is ideal for 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019. It is available in almost 12 different color options, from dark to light. The sleeve case is equipped with external slots that are enough to carry your mobile or power bank in it.

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#5. KECC Italian Leather Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch SizeKECC Italian Leather Case Cover for Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch Size

No offense, but if you are bit careless and drop things frequently, leave other cases, and go with Italian Leather case. Under $20, KECC seems the perfect choice as it covers your MacBook Pro from top to bottom and right to left. The case contains shock-absorbing bumper at the corners, to provide reliable protection against drop or random hard strike. I don’t find any drawback to buying this fierce and protective case for MacBook Pro 16-inch.

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#6. WOODWE Wood Skin for 16-inch MacBook ProWOODWE Real Wood MacBook Skin for Mac Pro 16 inch Touch Bar Edition

For those who love to use natural products or at least want to have natural characteristics, try out the Wood Skin. There are two options available, whether to buy Top & Bottom cover or go for only Top cover, which totally depends on your to choose from and of course, there is a price difference between both. I’d recommend you go for the Top & Bottom option, to preserve the MacBook Pro from all the sides, and enjoy the minimalist pattern. Also, it is economically beneficial to buy a set of two.

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#7. Italian Leather BagMacBook Pro 13 15 16 inch Wood Brown case sleeve genuine Italian leather bag

From MacBook 12-inch to the latest MacBook 16-inch, this Italian leather bag has got your MacBook covered from daily scratches and bumps. No matter, what size do you want to carry, it all available for you. Look at the tiny details; I think this is the best craftsmanship I’ve ever seen in any leather sleeve for MacBook. Adding two magnetic clasps enhances the security of MacBook while you are on the go. It is one of those expensive protective leather sleeves, but believe me, it worth’s every single penny.

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#8. Batianda Flower Designed CaseBatianda Case for MacBook Pro 16 inch 2019 Release Model A2141

The hardshell cases are obviously crafted with the high-quality PC material to resist scratches, scrapes, scuffs, fingerprints, dust, and other uncounted damages. Aside from all the safety measures, you’ll get to decorate the MacBook Pro with one of these floral patterns, no need to worry the precious Apple logo still visible through the design or say it isn’t covered by any design. Two-pieces snap-on facilitation allows quick installation and removal.

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#9. Artistic Hardshell CaseHard Shell Case for Newest MacBook Pro 16-inch Retina Display with Touch Bar & Touch ID

Are you a fan of random painting art? Your search may end up here with the most attractive painting portrayed on the case so precisely. The rubberized feet hold the MacBook while using on the slant surface, at the same time the perfect ventilation prevents overheating on using the laptop putting into the lap or bed. It comes with a keyboard protector, screen protector, a brush to clean dust, and lastly a printed case to show off the MacBook in your style.

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#10. Moshi Codex MacBook Pro Sleeve 16-inchMoshi Codex MacBook Pro Sleeve 16-inch

Moshi is a premium vegan leather sleeve case for MacBook Pro, all designed with lightweight and durable material to protect against surface scratches. Codex features, a shiny outer surface and inner shell lined with memory foam and cushion, to guard the MacBook Pro against minor bumps and lets you quickly wrap the MBP inside the sleeve case.

Looking at the biggy MacBook Pro, Moshi has constructed the sleeve case differently, its like a suitcase for your laptop with a tight zipper. Besides, if you feel not to remove the MacBook from the case, now and then, no worries, its clamshell pattern will help you to work right from the case.

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#11. Pack & Smooch MacBook Sleeve CasePack & Smooch MacBook Sleeve Case

If you are looking for a high-quality custom made sleeve case for 16-inch MacBook Pro, try Pack & Smooch Sleeve Case. The sleeve case made up of pure merino wool and luxurious Italian vegetable tanned leather for perfect grip and safety. Alongside, protecting your MacBook from daily scratches and bumps, it looks cool and professional when you carry on your hands. A small front pocket helps you to keep charger, cable, and earphones on the go. Its magnetic closure will cover up the laptop perfectly.

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#12. Bestgay- Clear Case for MacBook Pro 16Bestgay MacBook Pro Hard Shell Case

Bestgay recommended those who don’t like heavy or vigorous colors. This clear case for MacBook Pro 16-inch is tough enough to resist scratches and scrapes that could destroy the marvelous look of your MacBook Pro. Undoubtedly, Bestgay can be trusted to give more than required protection to your MacBook Pro with a hard and grip exterior. So, if you are looking for the best Clear Case for MacBook Pro 16-inch, hopefully, your search ends here.

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#13. tomtoc – Shoulder Bag for 16″ MacBook Protomtoc - Shoulder Bag for MacBook Pro 16

tomtoc’s latest should bag for MacBook Pro 2019 is the all-in-one solution to safely carry the MacBook with additional accessories like earphones, power banks, chargers, mobile and more. It’s high-grade inner material comfortably prevents the exterior from scratches and bumps, especially while closing the zipper. Just place the MacBook Pro in the bag and adjust the shoulder strap accordingly, and you are ready to go.

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#14. Dongke MacBook Pro Funky CaseDongke MacBook Pro 16 inch Case Model A2141

Dongke Offers an entire set of protective accessories that we used to order before our MacBook arrives, like a protective case, screen protector, and a keyboard cover. Most of the printed covers are made up of hardshell texture to resist scratches and provide rubberized texture and so it is.

It’s a two-part installation, the front part is printed and the lower panel is crystal plain, with the safety vents to dissipate heating issues. You can check the store for more designs, colors, and patterns.

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#15. MAITTAO Marble Pattern CaseMAITTAO Laptop Case for MacBook Pro 16 inch 2019 Release A2141

Still, if you haven’t found the desired case for 16-inch MacBook Pro, look at this piece of art. You would be happy to know that MAITTAO collectively offers a set of four necessary accessories which include, a hardshell case, a keyboard cover, a Laptop Sleeve bag, and plugs to cover the port to avoid dust and dirt malfunctioning the hardware. All the essentials match with each other to enlighten the MacBook Pro along with protecting it from various damages.

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#16. Londo Leather Sleeve Bag for MacBook Pro 16-inchLondo Leather Sleeve Bag for MacBook Pro 16-inch

The Londo brings a terrific combination of Cowhide Leather plus the vintage artwork, to safeguard the MacBook Pro. It feels comfortable, doesn’t adds up much of a load while you carry, and manages some other stuff like adapters, earphones, notebooks, with the MacBook Pro. Meanwhile, the case maintains its minimalist texture, handsome look, durability, quick access to the MacBook, and last but not the least, strong stitches to tighten up the security of MacBook Pro. You can choose from three stylish colors and patterns, all the three designs are crafted uniquely.

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#17. Incase Textured Hardshell CaseIncase Textured Hardshell Case

Incase presents the two-layer, hardshell case that fits the MacBook Pro as you’ve never used one before. Graphite Dark Grey Wool Material makes this case amazing for the MacBook Pro, a ventilated area where the laptop’s heat could easily dissipate, to keep the MacBook cool while using the high graphics software. You don’t need any tool to fit the case, it features easy-snap fitting and removal to avoid scratches while installation and removal as well as ensure the safety of the MBP. That said, due to its smooth material, it won’t let you use any stickers, on the surface, to give Mac a professional look and feel.

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#18. UAG MacBook Pro 16 CaseUAG MacBook Pro 16 Case

If you are looking for a heavy branded case, the UAG can be one for you. The UAG features, lightweight, Air Cushioned Soft Corners, Minimalist Design, Resistive Outer Surface, and with all that, keeps the MacBook slim and handy. The Plyo Series by UAG is like a defender case to secure the laptop from daily wear and tear, scratches, hard strokes, etc. Plus they have made the case in such a way, you can use disinfectant wipes to fight against germs and make the laptop healthy, also don’t worry about the case, it will stay as it is.

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#19. SmartShell MacBook Pro CaseSmartShell MacBook Pro Case

SmartShell is another protective case for MacBook Pro solely focused to confront the scratches and dust. In addition, they have added rubberized feet covering the four corners of the case, and clips so even if you use the MacBook Pro on slant & smooth surface, it won’t slide, but stay in control. The color combination isn’t that dark, which makes this case look fresh even after a year of use. Remove or install anytime you want effortlessly, with the two-piece design.

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A case cover of the laptop is not enough for you, and looking for the Essential accessories for MacBook Pro 16-inch, then click here to the checklist (including Sleeve, Protectors, Keyboard cover, USB C hub, and many more).

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