Best Accessories for 12 inch MacBook Retina Display in 2021: Must Buy

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Here are some must-have items and Best Accessories for 12 inch MacBook Retina display 2018. Best Screen Protectors, Some Useful Accessories which you must need by separately for your new MacBook 12. You can use Sleeve and for MacBook 12 inches to protect against scratches, dust, and Particulate. So, scroll down your screen, and look must have Best 12 inch MacBook Accessories which is the Best for you. USB-C-VGA Multiport Adapter, Best Sound Accessories for 12 inch MacBook, MStand Laptop Stand – Marvelous Laptop Stand,  Best MacBook 12 inch Bag in Deals.

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Essential AccessoriesTypesRatings
1. Seagate: External HDD for MacBook ProHard Drive4.0/5
2. Anker Power Bank20100 mAh Power4.6/5
3. INNOMAX 10-IN-1 Powered USB C Hub AdapterUSB C Hub3.7/5
4. Apple USB Super DriveDVD Writer & Player4.4/5
5. Best MacBook 12 inch BagCarrying Bag4 to 4.5/5
6. MStand Laptop StandMacBook Stand4.8/5
7. Best Sound AccessoriesHeadphoneHigh

Best Accessories for 12 inch MacBook Retina Display You Should Buy

#1: Seagate: External HDD for MacBook Pro

Seagate’s external hard drive is unbeatable in performance as well as in features. The HDD is very slim and compact to fit in bag and pocket without much consumption of space and reliable to carry it anywhere. The External storage transfers data at an extremely high speed of 220MB/s with the advanced USB 3.0 port connectivity with any device. The hard disk is adaptable for trendy devices such as Mac PCs and different MacBooks including MacBook Pro 12”.

1 Seagate External Drive for MacBook Pro 12 inch

Create a backup of your precious data with Seagate HDD wherever you want up to the massive capacity of 4TB. No need to give any external power source to use this drive, it retains power from the device to which it is connected. For storing high capacity games of playstation4, this drive is compatible with it, but it requires system version updated to 4.50 or greater to work great with PS4. It is build up with durable material with fantastic color options.

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#2: Anker High Capacity Power Bank: 20100 mAh

In this Era of technology usage of battery in cell phones and laptops are gradual increases. Even sometimes they don’t find charging socket everywhere to charge their devices. So to meet their need in a different way the power banks are invented to charge devices at any instant with extremely high speed. The Anker’s power bank is functionalized by adopting advanced technology to charge any gadget at supreme speed.

2 Anker 20100 High Capacity Power bank

The capacity of the power bank is 20100mAh which is sufficient to charge iPhone 7 almost up seven times, iPad mini four times, and Galaxy S6 up to five times, and even it can charge MacBook Pro 12” with efficient power storage. With its ultra-lightweight and small size, it is easy to carry in pockets. It requires only 10 hours to recharge using a 2A charger, and if you are using 1A, then it may take 20 hours to charge completely. Enjoy a certified power bank by Anker with complete protection of you with your device.   

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#3: MacBook Pro USB-C-VGA Multiport Adapter

This is a multiport Adapter Special for Apple’s newly released 12 inches MacBook 2015. In this Adapter, there are different port Type C Female, VGA Port, and in last USB Port. Since you’ve can get a useful converter in a single multiport Adapter It’s called USB-C-VGA Multiport Adapter. Best Accessories for 12 inch MacBook 2017.

4 USB C MacBook Pro Hub and Extension

Apple does not provide this cable with the 12 inch MacBook box so you’ve to buy separately. Best Accessories for 12 inch MacBook 2015. Now, read what you’ll do using this Adapter – you can syncing your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch for charging as well USB port used for connecting devices such as flash drive or camera.

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#4: Apple USB Super Drive

Apple USD Super Drive not need to connect with the extra cable; don’t worry even you lost it. This is a cool Super Drive you can connect with your MacBook Pro with Retina Display, MacBook Air or Mac Mini with a single USB cable that’s built into the Super Drive.

external drive - Apple USB Super Drive

Feature of the Apple Drive

  • It’s a Slot loading 8X Super Drive (DVD+-R DL/DVDA+-RW/CD-RW)
  • Especially, designed, and useful for Apple displays that do not have a built-in Optical drive.
  • Apple Super Drive is portable so you carry with you anywhere its Size is like as slightly bigger than a CD case. Since that the Apple USB Drive slips easily into your travel bag when you hit the road.
  • Best Accessories for 12 inch MacBook 2017
  • Using this Optical Drive, you can play and burn both CDs and DVDs with the Apple USB Super Drive.
  • Perfect to watch a movie on your MacBook 12 inch 2015 and earlier.

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#5: Best MacBook 12 inch Bag in Deals

Kamor Best MacBook 12 inch Bag in deal

You can see more selection of the best 12 inch MacBook Bag and for another laptop too. Best MacBook 12-inch Bag: handbag, Briefcase & Laptop Bag 2017.

#6: MStand Laptop Stand – Marvelous Laptop Stand

MStand laptop Stand – Marvelous laptop Stand

This laptop Stand seller is #1 best seller on Amazon because they always sell good quality office products, their brand keeping focus on customer satisfaction. This is a Good consumer review product. Since that you get your laptop height to eye level for better ergonomics (5.9 inches).

This Aluminum Stand is well compatible with 12 inch MacBook 2017 and Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and other laptops with depths less than 10.4 inches. The depth of the 12 inch MacBook is 7.44 inch so better compatible with it. Ultimately, this is the Best Accessories for 12 inch MacBook 2017 and 13 inch MacBook Pro which is come with a force touch feature.

#7: Best Headphone for 12 inch MacBook

Wireless headphones you can hear that what you want this Amazing wireless headphone. The famous brand headphone Beats by Dr. Dre, the ear- over headphone gives you superb comfort, enhanced clarity, and even more powerful; sound quality. Beats wireless headphones available in various colors Such as Black, Red, White, Blue, Matte Blue, Orange, Pink, Titanium, Champagne, Metallic Sky. The headphone Price is separate in colors. A White color bets headphone is so expensive than Black color.       Best Sound Accessories for 12 inch MacBook

The versions from the iconic beats studio to the redesigned solo 2 headphone, you can buy it from Amazon.

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