Best Addictive Games for iOS: Very Amazing Addicting Game

The best thing about playing games in the iOS device is, it never lags and interrupts you. There are many people who choose to buy an iPhone or iPad just to play games on it. Over the last few years, there are thousands of games are released, some got the attention of people and some are just eliminated from the store. Today in this post we will discuss some of the best addictive games for iOS 2019, and which games got more attention of gamers.

The games which we have enlisted doesn’t require any specific age to play, because they are meant for everyone. I hope you will enjoy the games on your iOS device and make your brain healthy by playing them.

Very Addicting Games for iOS: Very amazing Games that You Can’t Stop Playing

#1. HQ Trivia

Some games come and just go after people are fed of up them, but HQ Trivia is not like that. HQ Trivia is one of the most popular games in the past few years, that still holds its regular player and getting new players every day. The game is all about testing and increasing your IQ level. This game has only two sessions a day, which means you can only play twice a day. Thousands of players are competing among themselves and the one who managed to win the game will be awarded real prize money.

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#2. Splitter Critters

If you are looking for challenging Puzzle games, then we recommend Splitter Critters. This game has won the Best Design Award in 2017 by Apple, though it runs on a simple 2D platform. In this game, after crossing or navigate the levels, you will need to cut/rebuild your map every time. The part of this game we liked the most is, it is ad-free and no in-app purchases are available. You can download Splitter Critters straight from the App Store.

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#3. Super Hexagon

Super Hexagon will not let you sleep until you finish the level, this is how it is an addictive game of iPhone. The plot is very straightforward, just move the triangle keeping in mind that it should not touch the hexagonal walls. Hopefully, you have got an idea about the Super Hexagon and how it can be played. Super Hexagon will help you to improve your patience level because it is the toughest game to beat.

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#4. Hearthstone

Have you ever played a Collectible Card Game in your life? If not, Hearthstone is a great platform to start with. In this game, you will have to build weapons, minions, and spells that will help you to fight with other players. It is also possible that your opponent is another player or computer itself, so all you have to focus on how you can beat their hero and win the game. I bet, you will enjoy this game, though it is tough.

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#5. Fortnite

In the last few months, the players are emerging gradually in the genre called Battle Royal. Fortnite is all about surviving and fighting the opponents. There are a total of 100 players on the small island and you are one of them. All you have to do is collect as many weapons and medicals kit you can to survive and be the last standing player. In Battle Royal games, always last standing person wins.

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#6. Hidden Folks

Do you remember the game in which we have to find a certain article or person from the given picture? That’s exactly you have to do in Hidden Folks but in a modern way. The game will ask you to scan and find people or items from the black and white screen. It sounds very simple to play, but as levels will increase it will be difficult to find the objects from the photos. Hope you play well!

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