Best Widgetsmith Alternatives in 2023 for (iOS 17.1.2)

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Last year, when Apple announced iOS 16, no one knew that the App Library and Home Screen Widget would drastically change the iPhone’s Home Screen. However, in the current scenario, everyone discusses the home screen widgets, competing with their friends in the race to design a creative home screen combining the widgets and apps. For starters, you can try out native widgets such as Notes App, Siri Suggestions, Reminder App, Podcasts App, Screen Time Widget, and more. On the other hand, Apple didn’t give the developers of the third-party apps much time to update their app with the adequacy of home screen widgets, but thankfully, they are adapting pretty fast. Check our article on the best third-party home screen widgets you should try.

I’ve had hands-on experience on a few widgets, but the way they are designed and configured isn’t that picky. One of the iOS App developers, David Smith, has created an app, namely Widgetsmith, that packs a range of powerful tools to customize the widgets. Leading the way, few more apps like Widgetsmith are revealed that we will list further.

Best Widgetsmith Alternatives for iPhone

#1. Color Widgets

Color Widgets is jam-packed with plenty of customization tools to create personalized Widgets, alongside an inventory full of premade widgets. In addition, editing tools let you change the Fonts, Background Color, Theme Color and set up a new Widget for your iPhone home screen.

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Once created, Widget can later be recreated with the same editing tools; that’s the plus point, you don’t have to make the new one. What’s more? Download to have hands-on experience on the Color Widgets app.

#2. Photo Widget: Simple

If you’re happy with the default Photos Stack Widget of iOS 15, then there is no meaning in downloading this app. Nevertheless, very few people seem to enjoy the Photos Stack Widget because it doesn’t let us choose the photos to display on the Photos Stack.

While the Photo Widget: Simple app is designed with limited options but is worth downloading, it allows you to add up to 30 photos that you wish to see on the Photo Widget. Select from three different sizes of widgets.

#3. Widgeridoo

Widgeridoo is a fine competitive of Widgetsmith, and you can create and customize almost every widget using the blocks. For example, you can choose to design widgets of Calendar events, Battery percentage, Date and countdown, Birthdays, Health App data, and more coming on the way.

Apart from all the features, the thing that makes Widgeridoo unique is that you can add different Widgets into a single layout, making it easier for you to fetch all the information right in one sight.

#4. Widget Wizard

In Widget Wizard, you get wholesome editing and personalization options. From choosing the background of widgets to adding the Widgets of different apps, it’s pretty easy to decorate the iPhone home screen.

Unlike native widgets, Widget Wizard’s primary goal is to let you add what’s more important rather than cluttering the home screen. Currently, there is an Agenda widget that packs Reminders and Calendar events, over 35 Health Stats, clocks, etc.

#5. Health Auto Export

As probably the name suggests what this widget is about. Health Auto Export supports an array of Health metrics that you should be aware of. Statistics include Steps Count, Heart Rate Monitor, Total Energy Burn, and much more right on the iPhone home screen.

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Aside from Widgets, Health Auto Export’s primary objective is to export all the health data into CSV and store it on iCloud so that you can share it with your personal doctor anytime.

#6. Motivation – Daily Quotes

Keep motivating yourself, and relax in a hard time. You will get an extra push on your job and success. That’s its uncountable benefits. This app sends a daily notification and positive reminders in the most preferred time with powerful machine learning technology. Also, you can stick Quotes tiles on your iPhone home screen, Easily.

Millions of users use this app for personal, professional, and business purposes. In-app purchase, you will get extra benefits like Remove ads, Unlock thems and Categories, Set as a Backgroud photo, More Reminders, and Search your Quotes.

#7. Glimpse 2

Unlike any other Widget, Glimpse 2 is different. With Glimpse 2 App, you can add the WebPages as a widget on the iPhone. In addition, glimpse Widget makes it easier to track specific products or stay alert on the latest news by adding the website on the iPhone home screen.

Tapping on the webpage widget instantly takes you to the respective default browser; besides, set the refresh intervals for the widgets to refresh the webpage.

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