Best Bike Mounts for Apple Watch (Bicycle) in 2024

Biking and cycling are the most pleasant activities among nearly all age groups. If you want to control your ride best, you can use an Apple Watch. However, it is not possible to grab it continuously while you ride. Under such situations, the Apple Watch bike mount holders come in handy. With this type of mount holder, you can control your ride by Map and direction tracking apps.

They are easy to install, affordably priced, durably constructed, and boast a long battery life. You can easily adjust their positions according to your preference. They allow you to talk to others in front the face and remotely regulate your iPhone operating on iOS 8.2 or later over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity. The following product choices will help you pick the most suitable Apple Watch bike mount holder.

Why mount an Apple Watch on a Bicycle or bike?

Mounting an Apple Watch on your bike or bicycle lets you capture data like speed, heart rate, GPS route, and more. They also support advanced features like fall detection, automatic cycling detection, calorie tracking, etc. So, you can fulfill your fitness resolutions more effectively. In addition to tracking your fitness, they make your riding experience more pleasurable.

After analyzing your GPS data, outputs from the gyroscope, accelerometer, and heart rate, the Apple Watch can decide when you’re riding. Furthermore, the magnetometer functions to identify the tiny sways that occur on a bike. No need to take off your hands and rotate your twist to check the display. So, they ensure utmost safety while you are head down and aim to maintain a speed, heart rate, or power zone.

1. Scosche BMAWH

scosche - Apple Watch Bike Mount
scosche Apple Watch Bike Mount

You can quickly and safely secure your Apple Watch while going on biking or cycling with the help of this handlebar bike mount. It is compatible with smartwatches from most leading brands. It can perfectly fit on most bicycle handlebars without needing additional tools. Moreover, you obtain additional security with the help of integrated cable ties.

This bike mount is flawlessly compatible with old and new smartwatches from all prominent brands. Also, you can attach your standard watch and see it when riding. The open design provides a clear view of the display and the watch. Silicone is used to provide flexibility and absorb shocks during rigorous terrain rides.


Mounting type: Handlebar

Compatible devices: Apple Watch

Special feature: Adjustable

Color: Black


  • Durable construction
  • Open design offers comfortable viewing
  • No damage during severe riding
  • Quickly secures in place
  • It doesn’t make the handlebar bulky


  • Seems complex to use initially

2. TUSITA Bike Mount

Tusita Apple Watch Bike Mount
Tusita Apple Watch Bike Mount

If you mount a Garmin Forerunner watch on a bicycle handlebar, you can maximize the in-depth ride data your Garmin watch aims to provide. You can instantly check the display for hassle-free heads-up positioning and maintain your focus on the rider at the front. It is well-known for being compatible with diverse smartwatch models. Specifically, it works with the Polar, Garmin, and Suunto GPS watches.

It lets you mount your standard digital or analog watch and view it when riding. Moreover, it securely locks and perfectly aligns your watch on a bike. Hence, you can effectively follow your fitness goals. It can mount on bicycle handlebars within 60 seconds. It can fit various handlebar sizes (22.2 mm to 35 mm).


Mounting type: Handlebar

Compatible devices: Suunto Watch, Garmin Watch, Polar Watch, Apple Watch Ultra

Special feature: Lightweight

Color: Black


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Lightweight yet robust construction
  • Compatible with standard digital or analog watches
  • Elegant design
  • It can easily be swapped


  • Slips around the wrist

3. KOM Cycling Bicycle Watch Mount:

kom Apple Watch Bike Mount
kom Apple Watch Bike Mount

If you are looking for a mount holder compatible with many smartwatch models, you must choose this option. It is compatible with the Garmin Forerunner 110/ 210/ 310XT/ 405/ 405CX/ 410/ 50/ 610/910xt and many more models. Besides, it is compatible with the best cycling apps to make your biking or cycling experience more effective and pleasurable.

Upgrading to this watch mount ensures peace of mind. This is because it securely locks and accurately positions your watch on your bike. Consequently, you can accomplish your fitness goals without worrying about safety. Furthermore, it fits various handlebar sizes ranging from 22.2 mm to 31.8 mm. You can easily swap while riding your bike or bicycle.


Mounting type: Handlebar

Compatible devices: Garmin Forerunner Watch Series and other watches

Special feature: Lightweight

Color: Black


  • Compatible with various handlebars
  • Excellent security and reliability
  • High responsiveness  
  • Always stays in place
  • Perfectly positioned on a bike


  • No instructions about the attachment
  • Feels bulky 
  • Need to latch properly

4. H2O Audio Clip Mount

h2o Apple Watch Bike Mount
h2o Apple Watch Bike Mount

One of the best facets of this clip mount is that it is suitable for all sports. You can affix it to your cap, goggles, etc. Being reliable and sturdy, it is suitable for action sports too. It supports all Apple Watch models, including Apple Watch Ultra.

The included silicone locking bands are flexible. They secure your Apple Watch in place while you undergo any rigorous sports activity. Moreover, this mount helps swimmers listen to music from their Apple Watch using the H2O Audio SONAR Underwater headphones. You can use this mount to convert your iPhone into a pedometer to fasten on your clothes rather than wearing it on your arm. Hence, it always mounts perfectly.


Mounting type: Clip mounting

Compatibility: All Apple Watch models

Special features: All sports suitability, All Apple Watches compatible

Color: Blue


  • Perfect for fitness tracking
  • It can work as a pedometer
  • Accurate tracking result
  • The attachment stays in place
  • All Apple Watch models supported


  • It doesn’t perfectly fit Apple Watch Ultra
  • The band snaps after a few months

5. Necklace Pendant Silicone Case Cover

Apple Watch Bike Mount
Apple Watch Bike Mount

This pendant case cover is available in 3 size options, i.e., 42 mm, 44 mm, and 45 mm. It is made from lightweight TPU and allergy-free, non-toxic silicone. These materials guarantee full protection. The silicone resits bump and other damaging factors. Besides, this case is compatible with the Apple Watch pendant. Resilient, skin-friendly, and shock absorbent protects your compatible Apple Watch against damage.

The environmentally-friendly rubber used in this cover is easily replaceable and flexible. It suits well with a delicate strap. The manufacturer prepared this cover with utmost precision to keep all the features accessible. You get hassle-free access to the screen and user buttons. The cover is so lightweight that you will forget that you have worn it.


Mounting type: Strap

Compatibility: Apple Watch pendant

Special features: Easy replacement

Color: Gray


  • Perfectly fits on the wrist
  • Suitable for lanyard
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Great accessibility to all features
  • Multiple protection features


  • Can’t hang from the other end
  • Not elegantly designed
  • It needs a passcode every time to alert

Tracking and controlling your biking journey are simplified with the help of any of these Apple Watch bike mount holders. They take care of your comfort and health during your long outdoor journey. You can mount an Apple Watch bike mount holder on a handlebar, or anywhere you feel more comfortable. They benefit you with fast response, quick installation, a clear viewing experience, easy adjustment, and robust construction. One of their best aspects is they are compatible with various Apple Watch models.


Is Apple Watch Ultra good for cycling?

For those iPhone users willing to use their smartwatch for activity tracking, the Apple Watch Ultra is a decent choice due to its powerful battery life and ruggedness. It supports new temperature and blood oxygen tracking that can be beneficial for comfortable cycle tracking. It lets you view a map of your location, record rides set heart-rate alerts for rides, and share rides.

Can iPhone detect cycling?

The Apple Health app can accurately track distances and your progress. You need to open the health app, tap Health Data, then tap Fitness and finally tap Cycling Distance. You can also use Bike GPS, a free app for all iOS devices. It lets you easily track your rides, create various bike profiles, and create in-depth statistics. Also, it provides route planning, real-time updates, smooth navigation, and more.

How do I Navigate My Bike with Apple Watch?

Firstly, open the Maps app on an Apple Watch. Now tap Location, and tap the map pin or destination landmark. Now navigate the location information until you find Directions. Now you must select walking, driving, transit, or cycling directions. Once you are ready for biking, tap a route, and follow the directions. You can glance at the top-left corner to check your estimated arrival time. Moreover, you can tap the arrival time and understand how much time is left to cover. Alternatively, you can use the Ride with GPS “record” function without using your phone. 

Tap the button on your Apple Watch and proceed with cycling/biking.

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