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Add new options for your Apple Watch, and it’s an Apple Watch Carrying case as a good review Apple Watch travel case. If you want a collection of Apple watch accessories, please add one extra item to the list, and that’s the best Apple Watch charging case better to use for Travel time. We hope you will choose to wear all time charged Apple Watch everywhere.

Fantastic charging cable management prevents the cable to bend harshly. It is a Nice collection for Apple Watch and Apple Watch 2, Apple Watch Series 3.

The Best Apple Watch Charging Case: You can buy Right now

#1. Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Case without lighting Cable: Luxurious Style Case

best Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Case without lighting Cable

Are you looking for a high profile and easy to charging case for Apple Watch? It’s a Charging case; it comes with all required features such as a built-in 3000mAh power bank inside the box, comfortable to hold both 38mm or 42mm Apple Watch. This Apple Watch’s carrying case that delivers charge and storage facility at the same time.

  • Great room for Milanese loop Apple band, protective and perfect for mobility and all-over superior accessory for Apple Watch users.
  • Smatree carrying case for Apple Watch:
  • You can charge 6 times and 5 times Apple Watch 38mm face and Apple Watch 42mm model respectively.
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#2. Top Apple Watch leather Travel Case

Apple Watch leather Travel Case Best Apple Watch Charging Case

It looks like a tiny compartment, and it keeps Apple watch safe and secure mode. Wonderfully designed box wrapped from European leather. In this item, you can keep your Apple Watch in nightshift mode, too. Fantastic Apple Watch charging case, you must have when you’re traveling.


You could charge your Apple Watch without put out of the case. It comes with a cable port, so Apple Watch’s charging management is excellent. Classic look Apple Watch charging stand and Sena Solid charging stand is #1 choice of Apple Watch users and unique for Travel time. Easy to set up and for more information you can take the help of product information. It has a magnetic closure lid so easy to elevate Apple Watch.

This case creates a superb platform to charge Apple Watch, apart from wall plug you also plug it in MacBook USB port or any other laptop’s USB port.

Compatible: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Edition.

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#3. Twelve South TimePorter for Apple WatchTwelveSouth TimePorter for Apple Watch

TwelveSouth is one of the best third-party accessory brands that is mainly popular for Apple products, TimePorter is the ultimate choice for Apple Watch Case. Its all-in-one case for Apple Watch, from charger cable to watch band, you can keep everything inside the TimePorter securely. You’ll be able to organize the cable in such a way, that it won’t create a mess while you are on the go. The outer surface is hard enough to absorb shocks and inner silicon is soft to prevent damage against drops to maintain the real touch of your expensive Apple Watch.

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This case is compatible with all the Apple Watch models, Watch Series 1, Series 2, Series 3, Series 4, and the latest Series 5.

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#4. Moretek Apple Watch Charging CaseMoretek Apple Watch Charging Case

Moretech Apple Watch dock station holds the watch inside the case, while it is on charge or not in use. However, most people remove the Apple Watch during bedtime and put it randomly on the desk or table, which makes the watch dusty and dirty. The same goes for the daytime, and while we are on a business tour or picnic. These are several situations where Apple Watch is likely to get damaged due to accidental drops or water damage, therefore we suggest you spend $11 on this hard protective case for Apple Watch to give an all-around safeguard and prevent scratches on the screen.

The zipper keeps the watch safe inside the case. Apart from this, there’s a charging cable holder embedded in the case, so you can place the Watch inside the case connect the charging cable, or take the charger with Apple Watch safely.

It is compatible with all the Apple Watch models.

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#5. Smatree Carry Case for All Apple Watch ModelsSmatree Carry Case for Apple Watch

Smatree has designed the Apple Watch case uniquely to enclose it with zipper protection and carry it with a handy carabiner. The case is constructed using the hard EVA exterior and deeper inner space to keep the Apple Watch from shocks and collisions, while PU material shows its rich ergonomic material. You can put the Apple Watch and Charger within the case and the case itself inside your pocket when you don’t need it. Get rid of tangled wires, just roll the charging cable over the holder and plug it to the socket.

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Moreover, its carabiner pattern lets you attach the case to the carry bag for safety. The travel case for Apple Watch is compatible with all the iWatch.

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