Best Apple Watch External Charger: Pocket, Car and Bike

Keep active more than 2 days continuously without plugged your apple watch in power plug. Officially apple is giving 18hours in a day after full Battery charge. Now Apple watch External Charger available and made by hellonomod. Here I giving detail instruction and features how to use external battery charger and what about features, Storage capacity.

Best Apple Watch External Charger 2015 Deals

Apple Watch External Charger

Most of the folk finding the way to power up apple watch after efficient use of apple watch in full days, NOMAD is giving perfect solution on that by giving large battery storage capacity in the fastest way.

Let’s check out features about Apple watch External charger by NOMAD

Available Color: Space Gray and Silver

Battery: 1800mAh lithium polymer Battery store power for 4 time full charge

Easy to wrap full Cable inside this, Means you can use official apple’s magnetic charging cable.

Easy to install, from any end of wire you can set Magnetic end from any angle.

Pocket Size: 72mm diameter and 25mm hight

Weight: 80 grams

Charge anywhere by using micro USB type C charging cable.

Order Now ($59.95) Use Code: FRND15 and Get 15% off (50.96)

Reserve Strap: Extend Apple watch Battery

use Band power on Apple watch

Extend Battery charge when you wear on your wrist that can be possible with battery inside the watch band. Reserve Strap made from silicon band and covered by lithium polymer cells on Band and Back side of the watch face. In result with this Watch Band you can get extra power from band. Finally, Very unique concepts and comfortable on each moment of your life by reservestrap. You can just pre order now from here, Price and dispatched date has been not fixed now.

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Keep live yourself on apple watch without battery drain, after used by hundreds of apps in Apple watch. In recent update on best Apple Watch External Charger above are the best, if we found the other alternate third party external watch battery charger than we will update you shortly.


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