25 Best Apple Watch Faces that you Should Use in 2024

Are you looking for the best Apple Watch faces that you should use with your latest watchOS 9 display. List of iWatch faces to install.

Who does not know that Apple watches are so robust? They can read messages, see calendar appointments, and send text messages. The main feature is its ability to receive notifications from your iPhone without looking at it or answering calls.

It can also tell your ECG level and how fast your heart beats. How long did you sleep? The list of the features goes on. So indeed, it is a lifesaver.

This blog is all bout different watch faces. Apple Watch faces are the digital watch faces you can customize your Apple Watch. You can use them to show information, such as the weather, your calendar events, and more.

We have a vast list of the 25 best Apple watch faces you can easily switch between. Let’s explore them.

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#1. Lunar: 

This pick is for you if you are too obsessed with dates, especially with the lunar movements. Apple says that this watch face depicts the relationship between the Gregorian Calander and Lunar Calander, a point in time when Moon’s phases were used to tell date and time.

If you edit this watch face, you can easily switch between Islamic, Hebrew, and Chinese calendars using the Digital Crown. You can also pick up between analog and digital formats.

Also, tons of colors are available, so you can customize them according to your preferences. There are four complications at the corners, which are also editable.

#2. Playtime: 

This is a new collaboration between Apple and artist Joi Fulton, a funky-looking watch face with a default yellow color interface where you have several different colors to choose from for the background.

The are no complications on the corner in this watch face. Your time digits are represented by several characters that even move around when tapping on them and make it kid friendly.

It’s entertaining to watch the digit characters change themselves every minute.

#3. Astronomy: 

This one is based on astronomy wallpapers in iOS 16. It has been remastered to take advantage of the massive display of the new Apple watch series with thinner borders.

You have a few view options in this watch face like Earth, Moon, and the Solar System. And you are free to pick one of these or choose randomly. So every time you raise your wrist, you will get a new one.

The most beautiful thing about this watch face is that it displays time through a continuously updating 3D model of the Earth.

Using the crown display, you can see the Moon’s phases, Earth’s movement, and all of the planets in the solar system in the upcoming months. It gives you the feeling that you can see the future events of the universes.

#4. California:

Available only for the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Series 4 and later, the California watch face has much more of a classic look that will remind you of the old-school watches.

Plus, you can choose from several customization options in the first edit window; you will have your choice of what the hour markers look like.

And you get to choose either a pill-shaped mark, Roman Numerals, California-style features, regular numbers, Arabic numbers, and Hindi numbers.

#5. Gradient:

With the Gradient watch face, you will first notice many different color options. But the color isn’t the only customization option; you could further customize this watch face for an even more stylized look. If you swipe to the next edit window, you will notice that you can edit the style where the gradient lines come in.

You have three options to choose from: the first one is an animated gradient line that rotates around the entire watch in synchronization with the second hand. The second option is having two different gradient lines, which line up with the minute hand and hour hand.

And finally, the third one in which we have three gradients representing the hour, minute, and second hand. 

#6. Solar Dial:

Solar Dial is the updated version of the Solar watch face that we had on the Apple watch for a while now, and in terms of customization, there are not many options that you have here, but this watch face is itself very excellent and somewhat informative.

The larger dial represents the Sun’s location in the sky concerning your current location. If you tap on the watch face, the day length info pops up.

Another sub-dial can be customized in the first watch face edit window to other digital and analog, which tells the actual time. 

#7. Numerals Mano: 

Numerals Mano is a simple watch face; it shows the hour hand, the minute hand, and an animated second hand with a large singular numeral hence the name Numerals Mano represents the hour.

And one thing you need to consider is that you do not get any complications in this watch face. Lastly, regarding the color options, there are many options.

Western Arabic, Eastern Arabic, Devnagiri, and Roman are some of the customizable styles of the digit. 

#8. GMT:

This watch face’s interface gives you a Rolex vibe. The main feature here is that if you rotate the crown, you can see a bunch of different time zones.

So if you are a business person or take some classes from another country and want to know the time zone, then it might help you. So this watch face is mainly for those working on a global scale.

You get four complications on all the corners that you can edit anytime. To change into another time zone, tap on the clock and rotate the digital crown, pick the time zone and tap on okay.

#9. Memoji:

This watch face shows your emoji fun and animatedly. If you tap on it, it will do little motions and movements.

There are two default complications on the left side, and the interface is straightforward.

You can go into edit mode and change the splash of color. Tap on the watch face to go for two other edit options.

#10 Artist:

This is new; you can switch to a random display with millions of combinations available. An artistic face is displayed on the screen along with time, making this watch face very clean and minimalistic. The show has a different look when you are not looking at it, and it comes to life once you tap. 

#11. Stripes:

In the default display, you will get the two color stripes you can customize accordingly; feel free to add more strips as you want.

You can have as few as two colors and a maximum of nine colors. What makes the customization part unique is that you can rotate the angle of those stripes’ faces using the digital crown.

Again this one is also a very refined and clean look with an analog watch. Sadly this watch face has no complications available.

#12. Activity Analogue: 

Apple watches are known for their health functionality like counting your steps, monitoring your heart rate, tracking your workout, and even reminding you to stand up every hour. Activity Analogue is one of the best watch faces for fitness freaks.

Let’s start with one of the best features of this watch face, which is the ability to monitor multiple fitness activities; all of your workout information, such as time, calories burned, and steps, will be displayed on this watch face.

There are three customization options available with this watch face. They are: the first one is the analog clock with the activity rings placed within the clock, the second we have another analog clock with different ring options, and the third one with a digital clock at the top with the activity progress shown in the below section.

All the three faces consist of two different complications options, located at the right and left corners.

#13. Breathe: 

This advanced watch face monitors your life’s most vital life force, breathing. Breath watch face adds an element beyond physical health by adding mental health wellness feature.

It guides the user to take several deep breaths. But people will not remember, so one of the features of this watch face is that it will remind you through notifications.

Apple has designed breathe notification to appear when a user sits silently for five minutes since you can typically spend sixty seconds deep breathing in those moments compared to sitting in a meeting or while driving.

#14. Portrait: 

A portrait is a professional-level photograph where the main focus is on the subject by making the background blur. You have to click a nice shot in portrait mode using your iPhone, and then you can set it as a watch face.

You can now put a portrait picture of your or your loved ones in the new portrait watch face. You can keep one or more photos as a watch face; every time you look at your watch or tap on it, it will display a random picture. It is available on Apple watch iOS 15.

#15. Liquid/Metal/ Fire:

These are some excellent motion watch faces that animate when your wrist is raised. It includes Fire and Water, Liquid and Metal. To activate this watch face, tap on your current watch face and swipe from right to left until you see the add button. Scroll to this particular watch face using the digital crown.

You can set the display strictly for fire or water or automatically cycle between the two. Liquid metal and vapor both have three color options as well.

For liquid metal, we have silver, gold, and black, and with vapor, we have a blue-green, black-white, pink-orange color combination. 

#16. World Time: 

The world timer watch face has a ring of numbers counting from 1 to 24, and each number indicates a specific time of our day.

This watch face lets you track the time in all 24 zones simultaneously. Also, the Sun suggests the sunrise, and the Moon shows the sunset. Each hour in this watch face is linked to a particular city.

So if you go around this, watch face, you will be able to know the time of all these major cities worldwide. This watch face was introduced on Apple Watch 8. 

#17. Contour: 

This watch face is inspired by the passage of time. When you raise your wrist to look at the display, the dynamic portion of it goes around until it highlights the current hour. So that you can quickly tell what time it is precisely, it has all the numerals on the side mentioned in a funky way that keeps changing its color.

The watch face has four customization options: style, dial color, color, and complications, which you can edit using the digital crown. You can add only up to two complications; one is on the upper side and another on the bottom. 

#18. Infographic: 

The display of this watch’s face makes it look colorful and futuristic while maintaining a clean and minimalistic look. It shows an incredible amount of information available for you at your wrist.

This particular watch face allows eight different complications, and you can add more details to it, like the text on the dial as part of the sub-dial complications. You can customize it by touching the watch face and clicking on customize.

Use the digital crown to select whatever color you want—swipe right for further customization. You get the option to edit all the four complications on the corners and also four sub-dial difficulties in the middle. 

#19. Infographic Modular:

One of the first things you will see on the Infographic Modular watch face is how much easier it is to know the time, date, and day all at once. And that’s what makes this particular watch look stand out.

You do not have the color customization within the Infographic Modular watch face, but you get the complications customization options. Technically there are five different types of complications, one of which has to be modular, which is in the middle.

On the top left, we have the activity ring, the moon phase on the bottom, and in the middle bottom is the carrot weather report, followed by a message icon in the bottom right, and in the middle of the watch face is the Carrot weather support forecast hour by hour. 

#20. Unity Lights:

The watch face is inspired by Afro-futurism and symbolizes the necessity for a more equitable world. There is a profound meaning behind the colors used in this watch face.

The red represents the blood of the African Diaspora people; black symbolizes the people’s skin tone; at last, green shows the African people’s wealth.

The whole idea of this watch face is to remind people about the sacrifice of the African people using color combinations. The watch face has a straightforward and colorful interface with no complications.

Customizations with dial color and complications are available that you can perform using the digital crown.

#21. Kaleidoscope: 

The kaleidoscope watch face has been added to watch iOS 4, and they are one of the most customizable watch faces. You can either choose the kaleidoscope images from your watch or your iPhone. You can use your unique photos to create watch faces.

You get three options for style, including facet, radial, and rosette; once you have chosen your desired style, you can also select complications for your watch face.

You can add one on the top left, top right, and bottom. You can switch between the different kaleidoscope displays using the digital crown button and play with it.

#22. Meridian: 

The watch’s overall look is straightforward, just like an ordinary analog watch. Then comes the four complications added in the diamond form right in the middle of the watch face. You can tap on any of the complications to check the feature. 

#23. Siri:

If you rely on the A. I assist Siri on your iPhone with many tasks; you will love this one. Even though it does not have as many complications as the other watch faces but what separates it from others is its contextualize.

It works according to your movement throughout the day. It changes based on the time of the day or location; it learns from you and from what you like. Throughout the day, it will change your cards at the bottom and show you your exercise rings at just the right time, when it can be motivating for you to go ahead and finish those.

It also shows the different timers that you set throughout the day. If any event is placed in your calendar, it will roll up to your cards as it is coming. It can be one of the best watch faces for teachers as you can easily plan and schedule the task on the go.

#24. Casio: 

Those who previously used Casio watches and have switched to the Apple Smartwatch can easily customize it in Casio watch face using the app called clockology.

You have the digital clock on the bottom and an Analogue one, followed by the day of the week displayed. It fully works like the Casio G-Shock.

You get different displays in G-Shock watch faces; some have complications, and some don’t. But you will get all the necessary information on your screen only.

#25. Modular Compact: 

The modular Compact watch face is similar to the infographic one, mainly because of this particular watch face’s similar look and purpose. You get an excellent little sub-dial on the top right corner, which makes telling the time efficient.

You also get the considerable complication on the bottom, which shows the current weather report. In customization, if you go to the edit window, the first option is to change the sub-dial clock to analog or digital. Other options are to change the color. 

Each of us uses the Apple watch differently, and we have different needs regarding the watch faces. So the more option we have, the better. After that, it’s up to you what fits your need. 

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