Best Power Banks for Apple Watch in 2024

Here are the best Apple Watch power banks [Also compatible with All Apple Watch Series]. Choose one for your Apple Watch and stay always charged with your smartwatch. Good reviews, stuffed full and professionally designed wireless charger will optimize your iWatch battery power anywhere or on the go. Our techie columnist prepared a selected list; hence, defiantly, these entirely focused on functionalities and charging capacity and cheapest and affordable for all.

It is evident that with your phone or any gadget getting discharged, you fall into a pit of worry and wait until you reach back to get it recharged. However, we are here with a great solution and multiple recommendations that suggest you invest in a portable, on-the-go power bank that is easy to use and quite affordable too. If your quest is for one such device, read this article further and pick your choice!

The Best Portable Apple Watch Chargers to Juice up On the Go

#1. Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank


Get your Apple Watch charged within minutes with this boost charge power bank from Belkin, one of the most trusted brands in technology. With this power bank, you can get your Apple watch charged on the go without waiting for long hours, thanks to its quick charging feature. 

Moreover, the long battery life of the power bank for your Apple watch will suffice the use while you are traveling or away from home. The convenience that this power bank brings along is supreme, which makes it one of the best products and Apple watch accessories in the market. The power bank is compatible with the watch series 4, 3, 2, and 1. So, grab it now from Amazon and never let your Apple watch drain out of battery! 

Pros of buying a Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank 

  • Fast charging
  • Carry anywhere you go
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • The power bank has up to 63 hours of battery life 
  • Compatible with Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra, SE, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3

2. UGREEN Charger for Apple Watch


One of the best chargers for an Apple watch, UGREEN is a magnetic wireless, MagSafe compatible inductive charger, which is great to use and does not require any external cables. All you need to do with this charger is plug it in any wall charger or a power bank with a USB, and you are good to use it. 

Another pro of this UGREEN charger is its fast-charging speed, portability, and sheer compatibility with the Apple watch series 8, Ultra Series, SE, 7, SE 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. We also believe this charger is very convenient while traveling as you can take it anywhere by hanging it on your bag. This one is a great accessory for an Apple watch, and therefore, we recommend buying this one from Amazon today, without any delay! 

Pros of buying a UGREEN Charger for Apple Watch

  • Magnetic and wireless charger 
  • Supports MagSafe technology
  • It does not require any external charging cables
  • Fast-charging, portable, and compatible with Apple Watch Series 8, Ultra, SE, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3

#3. Anker Portable Magnetic Charger


Never let your Apple watch fall out of battery, as this portable charger from Anker is one of the best accessories for your Apple watch. Plug it directly into a USB-A socket, and your Apple watch will be charged speedily. The Anker charger is MFi certified, affirming its safety and smoothness with any Apple watch through series 1 to 6. 

This charger’s compact and sleek design adds another advantage and reason to buy this charger. So, if you plan to indulge in a great wireless charging experience, we thoroughly recommend buying this Anker charger from Amazon, which does complete justice to the offered price. 

Pros of buying an Anker Portable Magnetic Charger

  • The wireless charger plugs directly into a USB-A
  • MFi certified, safe, and smooth for an Apple Watch
  • Compatible with Apple watch Ultra, SE, AW series 8 to series 2
  • Compact, sleek, and portable

#4. Anker Portable Magnetic Charger [USB-C Port Power bank]


Another Anker portable charger is one of our recommendations. If you are looking for a portable, wireless charger that supports a USB-C connection, here is your answer. You can always ensure complete charging and fast charging for your Apple watch with this charger. 

The portable charger is MFi certified, which proves its safety when using this charger for your Apple watch. Moreover, the wireless experience you will get through this magnetic charger makes it a better and more desirable Apple watch accessory that we recommend you buy at the earliest. A quick Amazon purchase will help you grab this portable charger in no time, so shop now. 

Pros of buying an Anker Portable Magnetic Charger

  • Wireless charger
  • Supports USB-C connection
  • MFi certified, safe to use
  • Supports Apple watch Ultra, SE, AW series from 8 to series 3
  • Portable, Magnetic, and compact

#5. Magnetic Wireless Charger Power Bank


This wireless charger is a great Apple Watch accessory built with the latest magnetic module. It does not make you wait for long and gets your Apple watch charged within minutes immediately after attaching the charger with the watch. You can completely trust the product as it features a shock absorption technology, making it worth buying. 

It is compact and portable, and the charger comes with a USB. Take it wherever you go, as this power bank is sleek and lightweight. Its multiple protective measures add to the positives of this power bank, and we recommend purchasing this one. Compatible with all the Apple Watch models, we suggest you buy this one and put your worries about keeping your Apple watch charged at all times aside. Place an Amazon order and get started with portable, wireless charging anywhere you go! 

Pros of buying a Magnetic Wireless Charger Power Bank

  • Comprises of latest magnetic module
  • Fast-charging 
  • Shock absorption technology 
  • Portable, sleek, and compact
  • It consists of multiple protective measures
  • Compatible with all Apple Watch models

#6. MIPOW Portable Wireless Power Bank for Apple Watch

MIPOW Portable Wireless Power Bank for Apple Watch
MIPOW Portable Wireless Power Bank for Apple Watch

6000mAh Pocket size Power bank with Apple Watch charger. Compatible with all apple watch series and Model sizes like 38mm/42mm/ 42mm/ 44mm. Portable, Stylish cable-free charger comfortable while on travel or use personally all the time. Along with an Apple watch, charge your iPhone 2 to 4 times. The design, includes all safety features from over-voltage and damage.

#7. FLAGPOWER MFI Certified Portable Power Bank

FLAGPOWER MFI Certified Portable Power Bank
FLAGPOWER MFI Certified Portable Power Bank

Apple MFi certified Power bank with 6000mAh capacity. Charge you all apple and other company devices along with apple watch all models. Easy to carry in a pocket, charge your device multiple times or at once. Built-in, all safety features, Protect from Overcurrent and Voltage. 100% Money back guarantee and lifetime technical support.

#8. CHOETECH Power Bank for Apple Watch

CHOETECH Power Bank for Apple Watch

It is a 5000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery is embedded in this portable Apple Watch Power bank. Ungreen’s made protective, and MFI-certified wireless power bank, so doesn’t worry about overcurrent, over-voltage, and short circuits. Stylish power bank juice your draining Apple watch and iPhone anywhere you are.

Perfect for charging on the go, and you easily recharge this LED indicator power bank via micro USB cable. It’s also compatible with Android Smartphones and gaming gadgets like PS4.

#9. FlagPower 6000mAh Power Juice Pack for Apple Watch

FlagPower 6000mAh Power Juice Pack for Apple Watch

FlagPower brought a brand new dual charging dock for iPhone and Apple Watch. It also has a rechargeable battery, and its power storage capacity is 6000mAh. This compactly designed rechargeable power bank is very light in weight and easy to place into the pocket. Therefore, you can take it anywhere with you.

And can recharge your Apple Watch and Apple iPhone at the same time on the go. The Aluminium casing and smart chip power juice pack come with a micro USB cable.

#10. Choetech Pocket Size Keychain Style Travel Apple Watch Charger

Pocket Size Keychain style travel charger for Apple Watch

Choetech bringing unbelievable keychain looks rechargeable power bank for Apple Watch. It is compatible with All 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 1, and Apple Watch Nike + (plus). Its battery power saver efficiency is 900mAh, so you can get two times fully charged Apple Watch anywhere. Oittm wireless stylish power bank for Apple Watch has rapid charging efficiency.

#11. MixMart 1000mAh Portable Power Bank Stand

MixMart 1000mAh Portable Power Bank Stand

This is mixmart’s best High capacity power bank for Apple Smart Watch. The MixMart Watchcase power bank has a 1000mAh battery capacity. So it can fully charge your Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch 6 times. It’s a little pricey but looks fresh and fabulous. It’s available in colors including Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Space Gray, the same as Apple iPhone colors.

Give the order and stay with untangling and unwired Apple Watch charging facility. Great Accessory for long trips and traveling, actually you don’t miss even any single notification. Good Product Reviews, Compatibles with Apple iPhone, and innovative cable management, so you never feel dull.

Now that you have looked at our recommendations, we suggest picking up your desired product and quickly getting started with adding another Apple watch accessory to your list of gadgets. These recommendations are sure to bring better ease to your everyday lifestyle and will always ensure that your Apple watch stays charged wherever you go. So, what’s making you take that wait? Grab these products today.

FAQ for Apple Watch

Is there a power bank for Apple Watch?

The Ugreen wireless charger works as a portable charging module for Apple smartwatches. The built-in magnetic charging pad is perfect for charging all three modules of the Apple Watch. Moreover, this lightweight & portable power bank delivers fast charge output in approx. 2.5 hours; its battery capacity is 2200mAh. The charging process is safe because features like short circuits and overvoltage protection are implemented.

Can Apple Watch be charged with a Power Bank?

The portable power bank can charge Apple Watch and two smartphones/tablets/other mobile devices. The built-in magnetic charging module offers a rapid power boost for the Apple Watch. Moreover, the included lightning cable provides 5V/2.4A (12W) that helps charge Apple devices. Without AC power, the power bank can charge your Apple Watch during hiking, road trips, and other outdoor places.

Can any Wireless charger charge Apple Watch?

Yes, it can charge the Apple Watch via the wireless charger. Qi is the most prevalent charging standard for wireless charging, and several Qi-compatible charging pads can be found in different locations. So if you travel frequently and don’t carry a magnetic charger, then a wireless charger helps you charge your Apple Watch.

How do I charge my Apple Watch while Camping?

Firstly, put your Apple Watch charger in the nightstand companion. You can twist the cable in the base for easy cable management. Now you have to pop up the charger to let your Apple Watch be used in the nightstand mode while it charges. You can also lay it flat and select from different available options.

Must check out these 10 Best Portable Travel Charger For Apple Watch.

How do I charge my Apple Watch while Backpacking?

You need to recharge if you are backpacking for more than 7 hours. So, you need to carry a battery charger for your Apple Watch. You can carry and use the included charger. Ascertain that the USB charging cable is connected to a power source, i.e. the included wall charger or a free USB port. Now take off the Apple Watch from the wrist and put the charging disc on the device’s rear.

Both the Apple Watch and the magnets in the disc will gradually align. Consequently, you will listen to a momentary chirp sound, and a green lightning bolt symbol is shown on the front of your Apple Watch to prove that charging is happening.

Can you charge Apple Watch with Belkin Wireless Charger?

Belkin does not offer to charge speeds for Apple Watch chargers. But the Apple Watch charging pad supports the latest Fast Charging feature of the Apple Watch Series 7. This feature offers 80% of a charge in about 45 minutes—the magnetic charging module of the fast dock charges the Apple Watch.

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