Best Apps for find stranger near to you for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Are you from United State, United Kingdom or Canada, Aus, New Zealand, India or other country? And looking for find unknown/ Stranger in your area or over the world from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch using app. Then, here are the best apps for find stranger near to you for iPhone. Most of the apps are free, but it’s also support pro version to get perfect result and facility as you find.

From your geographic location you can track nearest person to you. Don’t miss out any of because million of users using this very beautiful designed and functional app in iOS device.

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Compatible Device for these apps are iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 5/ 5S/ 5C, iPhone 4S/ 4 running on iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, iOS 5.

Top best apps for find stranger near to you for iPhone, iPad an iPod touch

1. Scout+ Meet, Chat and Friend

Premium apps for Chat unknown people near to you in iPhoneJust shake and start chat with unknown with text. For that you have Scout account, Simple registration, engage friends over the globe, Millions of people already joined, Save your friend who like, Easy to brows others profile and share your profile and picture easily using Scout.

More Enjoyment and Fun with Earn to get awesome premium features on Scout

Download now ($2.99)

2. MeetMe

Meetme iPhone, iPad and iPod touch apps for live chattingMeetMe available for both user who want chat, Share with 100+ millions people over the world in free or pro (MeetMe+). Normal charges to activate premium features on month basis, So Charged from your iTunes account. Easy to renew and Cancel current subscription is so easy.

Download Now (Free)

3. Badoo

Badoo free apps for enjoying live conversationBadoo is #1 app in top best Apps for find stranger near to you for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Location based app will easy to use find perfect people near to you or in your city. More secure and compatible with compute make it more easy to use anywhere and anytime. Check out pro feature and activate any time.

Download Now (Free)

4. WhosHere

WhoseHere stream people finder near to you or over the globWhosHere also best rated Apps for find stranger near to you for iPhone and start messaging. Just swap picture, Choose friend who want to add in list who not only near to you but also around the world.

Download Now (Free)

5. Phone for free calls

Phone for free calls Apps for find stranger near to you for iPhone and iPadThis app gives multiple chatting options to unknown people around you. You can do free calls, Text in US and Canada. Also with GTalk users, in around the world. High quality voice, face to face chat with no soct is plus point compare to other apps.

Download Now (Free)

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This apps is also useful for Video call, Voice Call or Talk to stranger/ unknown person (Boys and Girls), Find and Be a friend online for entertainment and enjoy your self 24×7 in free.

As usual don’t miss out share with US which on like most and which are you using right now from above 6 Apps for find stranger near to you for iPhone or any other.