7 Best Apps for Quit Smoking for iPhone and Android in 2024

Smoking is one of the fast-spreading habits among teenagers these days. Even if we know it’s impacting our health and life quality, people are still unable to quit after some time. This has become highly addictive due to nicotine and doesn’t take time to become a daily habit. There are plenty of Best Habit Tracker apps for iPhone and other health apps, but that might not be enough when its about serious smoking addiction.

 If you want to help your loved one to quit smoking and improve their life, we’ve rounded up the absolute Best quit smoking apps for iPhone and Android to help you quit smoking and crush those cravings. 

1. Smoke Free – Quit Smoking Now 

Smoke Free Quit Smoking App for iPhone
Smoke Free

Pros of using the Smoke-Free app:

  • Get advice from real experts
  • It has an expert chatbot to give useful tips
  • It helps understand triggers and control the cravings

Price = In-app purchases start from $0.99 to $209.99

Smoke Free is among the top Quit Smoking apps with over 40 evidence-based techniques. It provides tips on handling cravings, maps their occurrences, and allows you to track your progress. You can enjoy a smoke-free journey and earn a free success certificate while saving the money that you used to spend on cigarettes. If you are serious about quitting smoking, go Pro with daily missions and an AI Quit Coach, or choose Blitz Your Quit for a tailored plan, booster check-ins, 24/7 advisor access, and a thriving community. 

2. QuitNow! – Quit smoking for good

QuitNow! Quit Smoking App for iPhone

Pros of using QuitNow app:

  • Earn achievements per day
  • Get tips from WHO
  • Chat with the ex-smoker community and stay motivated

Price = In-app purchases start from $2.99 to $23.99

QuitNow is a proven app that focuses on four key sections: encouraging ex-smoker status by tracking your progress in days smoke-free, money saved, and cigarettes avoided. It offers achievements and 70 goals to celebrate milestones while the community connects you with fellow ex-smokers for support. You can explore your improving health indicators based on World Health Organization standards. Additional features include a comprehensive FAQ section with evidence-based tips, a responsive QuitNow bot for personalized queries, and recommended books on quitting smoking. 

3. Quit Smoking – Stop cigarettes now! 

Quit Smoking App for iPhone
Quit Smoking

Pros of using the Quit Smoking app:

  • The app tracks of non smoked days and overall health review
  • Perform daily tasks for motivation
  • Get help with cravings and earn rewards

Price = In-app purchases start from $1.99 to $29.99

Quit smoking app is the ultimate app that shows good ways to quit smoking. It tracks vital statistics such as days smoke-free, cigarettes avoided, and money saved. You can check your health progress and physical improvements. Try pro versions for a comprehensive 100-day program filled with daily chapters of research knowledge, which includes motivation and withdrawal preparation. The initial challenges with daily tasks will help you with cravings tailored to situations. Moreover, you can earn awards for milestones, set savings goals, and find strength in 100 reasons not to smoke. The app also supports Apple Watch features and a widget for quick access to essential non-smoking data. 

4. Habit – Daily Goal Planner 

Habit Quit Smoking App for iPhone

Pros of using the Habit app:

  • It has a unique calendar to track each habit
  • It supports multi-device sync and cloud backup
  • Powerful reminders for flexible goals

Price = In-app purchases start from $4.99 to $19.99

HabitBull offers robust features to help you build and track multiple habits seamlessly. Each habit has a calendar with a streak counter and success percentage. It defines goals flexibly, whether it’s daily, weekly, or on a specific day. You can read inspirational quotes for various categories, with real quotes from those practicing habits like meditation or quitting smoking. The app offers powerful reminders multiple times a day and syncs seamlessly across devices with cloud backup. Moreover, you can also participate in discussion forums, secure your habits with a pin lock, and watch your daily streaks grow as you cultivate positive routines effortlessly.

5. Kwit – A life without cigarettes!

Kwit Quit Smoking App for iPhone

Pros of using the Kwit app:

  • Its ad-free app 
  • Read expert article for better knowledge
  • It offers replacement therapy for nicotine to quit smoke

Price = In-app purchases start from $6.49 to $149.99

Kwit is your all-inclusive companion for various smoking-related goals. Whether you aim to quit smoking, reduce nicotine replacement therapy, quit e-cigarettes, control vaping, monitor gum and patch consumption, or understand cravings, Kwit has you covered. You can engage in built-in discussion groups for shared experiences. The app features a diary for recording your journey, identifying cravings, tracking cigarettes smoked, and managing relapses. You can get ideas about valuable insights into your addiction, strengthen your commitment to quit smoking, and access expertly written articles offering tips, tricks, and health benefits for a successful tobacco-free lifestyle. 

6. quitSTART – Quit Smoking 

quitSTART Quit Smoking App for iPhone

Pros of using the quitSTART app:

  • It helps to manage cravings with healthy replacement
  • Various games and challenges for distractions
  • You can share your progress and useful tips on social media

Price = Free

QuitSTART is a free app designed for those ready to quit smoking, offering personalized support based on your smoking history. It provides tailored tips, inspiration, and challenges for a smoke-free, healthy life. You can monitor your progress and earn badges for milestones and achievements. Even if you smoke by mistake, the app helps you get back on track. It helps you manage cravings and moods healthily, distract yourself with games and challenges, and store useful tips in your Quit Kit. You can share your progress and favorite tips through social media to help other smoker communities.

7. Flamy – Stop smoking 

Flamy Quit Smoking App for iPhone

Pros of using the Flamy app:

  • Interactive games that make you forget to smoke
  • Tracking and monitoring of non-smoked days
  • You can challenge your friends for not smoking

Price = In-app purchases start from $3.99 to $12.99

The Flamy app can help you to get 100% health improvement by quitting smoking altogether. It allows you to set savings goals and double the fun of becoming a non-smoker. You can easily analyze and navigate cravings effectively by identifying triggering situations. You can find problem-specific tips and engage in friendly bets for added support. It allows us to track achievements and progress seamlessly, making quitting smoking a rewarding experience. The app keeps you distracted from cravings with interactive games.

Summing up,

Helping to quit smoking is the best thing you can do for your loved one to lead a healthy life. It doesn’t matter how long you have been smoking; it’s never too late to start. Give a try to the above Best Quit Smoking Apps for iPhone and it will surely have a good result. It’s not an easy thing to quit the things that you have been doing for years, but you can take a step towards it and make it possible with dedication. 

Happy smoke quitting and healthy life!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Q1. Is there an app to help you quit smoking?

Yes, there are several apps designed to aid in smoking cessation. Some of the popular apps are “QuitNow!” and “Smoke Free” offers personalized plans, progress tracking, and motivational support. These apps provide a convenient and effective way to quit smoking by offering insights, achievements, and community support to help users successfully kick the habit.

Q2. How many days does it take to stop smoking?

The duration to quit smoking depends from person to person. Physical withdrawal symptoms usually peak in the first week, but psychological cravings may persist longer. Studies suggest it takes about 21 days to form a new habit, so the initial weeks are crucial. But it can be made possible with determination and proper cooperation.

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