Best Bug fixing and repair tools for Mac OS X Yosemite

Fix error coming on installation and normal process in your Mac running on OS X Mavericks, Yosemite. Here’s the fixed solution on repair disk volume completely. Stellar Volume repair tools is the best option for official and home use, that will care your drive data as Bug fixing and repair tools for Mac, OS X file, and must needed data. Some time temp files and folder related your apps running on OS X.

Where this Stellar Volume repair/ Optimizer tools check inside the drive: Find error inside Catalog file, extended files, Volume Bitmap, Journaled files and more where mostly cause occur error.

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Bug fixing and repair tools for Mac OS X YosemiteOther Features: Repair system files and folder from the Boot drive volume, and Regenerate if any error occurred or found. Reset permission if any error occurred due to wrong configuration settings, Simple to use UI and Latest OS X support, latest update when comes new OS X.

All time Best Bug fixing and repair tools for Mac OS X Yosemite, Mavericks

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Let’s check out brief introduction and usage functionality on error fixing and Mac hard drive optimization software.

Fixes Volume Error

Are you facing error on file or folder creation and deletion process? Like index key or invalid key length error in Mac. So stealer Mac software will resolve by rebuilt drive and fixed hidden errors.

Use Rollback features

Rollback option under the software setting preference, using this option you can recover old status after facing many error on some occasion under the single volume.

Check verification on Volume

Easy to track volume base error, from this option users can easy identify address on where error occur.

Rebuilt Volume

When serious error occur, Not possible to resolve it by this software, at that time this repair tools automatically generate another volume and old volume terminated from your system process, Without lose any data.

Make Bootable DVD

Create perfect Bootable DVD for another Mac system, where you want same configuration and setting. That time you can create bootable DVD and setup there where you want.

Clean User interface

Very great design and tools option will best fits to daily use and resolver setting in front screen or background process as well.

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