Best camera SD card reader for iPhone, iPad

Due to HD Digital camera resolutions your photo and videos allot more space compare to you expect. So apple device rescue surprisingly with this top best camera SD card reader for iPhone and iPad. Directly move data (Photos or Videos) that you want on high transfer rate. Before this time This types of accessories doesn’t work but with new iOS 9.2 released, You can use it successfully on iPhone and iPad updated with iOS 9.2 or later.

Useful: how camera SD card reader works on iPhone, iPad.

Compatible Device: iPhone 6S, 6, 6S Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPad and others.

Top best camera SD card reader for iPhone and iPad: Buy up

buy casually any of below listed as of iDevice you have and interest. All are the best.

Apple Lighting SD card reader for iPhone, iPad: Digital Cameras

camera SD card reader for iPhone and iPadgreat update in software for camera, Now iDevice able to detect your external SD card directly into iPhone, iPad updated with iOS 9.2. just fit SD card perfect proportion in SD card slot present in lighting cable. other one directly attach to 8 pin input.

From the great users feedback and reviews with apple’s official product demonstrate on perfect time.

For USA: Buy from here ($29.36)

For UK: Buy from here (£24.95)

USB camera Adapter for Direct export

Best camera adapter for transfer mediaAlternatively, you don’t want any kind of boggle for export or copy selected camera capture on iPhone or iPad. Just connect Camera’s USB port with this apple certified Camera adapter. And start copying to device through photos app. See below setup for Camera to iPhone/ iPad.

For USA: Order from here ($19.99)

For UK: Order from here (£23.99)

RavPower Export from SD camera card reader over WiFi

Wireless Card Reader for iPhone and iPadinvest more few dollars and get perfect very useful features WiFi device for export data from camera SD card to iOS device directly through FileHub app.

Access all media file across All device.

3000mAh rechargeable battery

Media Sharing

For USA: Buy now ($39.99)

For UK: Buy Now (£27.99)

Above all accessories are trustworthy as a best camera SD card reader for iPhone and iPad running on iOS 9.2. share your review with us on above list.